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Lead Free Products Available in November 2013

June 2013 RE: Fairview Lead-Free Brass Valves and Fittings Dear Valued Customer, As you may already be aware, as of December 31st, 2013, brass fittings and valves containing lead in excess of .25% will no longer be permitted for use in potable (drinking and cooking) water systems in Canada or the USA. NOTE: This requirement does not apply to products where the water is not used for human consumption Fairview has designed and will soon be manufacturing fittings and valves using Lead-Free brass. In the event that you require Lead-Free products, we have attached a list of - soon to be available – Fairview Lead-Free part numbers and descriptions. We anticipate that Lead-Free brass products will be available to ship from stock at Fairview around October/November 2013. Standard (leaded brass) products corresponding with the starred (**) items on the attached list are now designated as “Special Order.” These items will no longer be available from stock with lead content and customer returns of these products can no longer be accepted. A FAQ sheet for Lead-Free brass is attached for your reference. If you have any further questions, please contact your nearest Fairview location or email us at: service@fairviewfittings.com Yours truly, Peter Conn Marketing Manager Fairview Fittings & Mfg. Ltd.