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Looking for Genuine Hot Press Forged Brass Fittings?

Forged brass fittings produced using UNS C37700 forging brass bar are the best, safest choice for Natural gas and LP-gas installations where temperature changes and permeation of gases through a porous fitting body could lead to injury of people or property. Genuine forged brass fittings are produced using UNS C37700 forging brass bar. The brass bars are cut into slugs, which are heated to relieve material stress and placed on a set of dies in a forging press. Thousands of tons of pressure are exerted on the red-hot slugs until they are compacted into forged blanks of the intended shape. The shape is then trimmed and cleaned before being machined into the finished product. The double heating of the material drastically reduces the threat of "season cracking" and the compacting of the slug eliminates porosity in the fitting, while making it strong enough to withstand large amounts of torque.