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Will It Be Rubber Air Brake or Coiled Nylon Hoses Between Your Truck and Trailer?

All over North America 12ft, 15ft and 20ft SAE J1402 rubber air brake assemblies are quickly becoming as common a sight as red and blue SAE J844D nylon coiled air brake assemblies between the Truck and the Trailer. Whether rubber assemblies will one day replace coiled nylon assemblies altogether between the truck and the trailer remains to be seen, but there are a coule of reasons why it might: Flexibility: A number of years ago, Nylon 11 - the material historically used to make air brake coil sets - became very expensive and in too short supply for this application. Unfortunately, subsequent replacement materials haven’t seemed to live up to the flexibility of Nylon 11 and/or its’ability to recoil tightly. Neatness: Not many of us pine for the old days of the tangled mess we often dealt with back when telephones had cords. And the only thing worse than a tangled telephone cord is two tangled telephone cords. Nylon coiled air brake assemblies are renowned for becoming tangled up in each other, while rubber air brake assemblies can be spiral wrapped together with the ABS line into a nice, neat set. Yet, a well working set of red and blue retracting air brake coils still gets to the trailer gladhands quickly and easily and takes up little room when properly retracted. New, flexible and affordable materials for retractable coils are being tested all the time as is the process of “twinning” the coils to keep them from tangling with each other. The fight for the air space between the truck and the trailer is far from over yet. Rubber air brake lines available From Fairview come complete with our red and blue GLAD GRIPS for easy gladhand connection, identification and hose bend protection. Fairview hoses also feature innovative “live-swivel” fittings on both end for easier installation and to help ensure the hoses won’t become twisted even after installation. Fairview’s Accutek brand Spiral Hose Wrap keeps your hoses together in a tangle-free bundle. View Fairview Rubber Air Brake Bundles here: https://www.fairviewfittings.com/en/products/topcat-16/cat-33/subcat-366/product-117533.html And View Fairview Coiled Nylon Air Brake Assemblies here: https://www.fairviewfittings.com/en/products/topcat-16/cat-33/subcat-118/product-22110.html