b'AIR BRAKE HOSE ASSEMBLIESAIR BRAKE ASSEMBLIES D.O.T. AIR BRAKE ASSEMBLIES D.O.T.(WITH SPRING GUARD) (GLADHAND ADAPTER)3/8 I.D. HOSEGreater FlexibilityEasy Attachment of Gladhand3/8 SWIVEL1/2 RIGIDCost Effective Alternative to the Swing Away GladhandMALE PIPE MALE PIPE PART No. PART No.HAB-NOSE BOX-1 HAB-NOSE BOX-2LengthHose I.D. Description: Description:PART No.(IN.)(IN.)3/8 I.D. Hose3/8 I.D. HoseHAB-6-13.62CD-SG13.623/81/2 MPT Reusable End1/2 MPT Reusable EndHAB-8-13.62CD-SG13.621/21/2 MPT Crimp End1/2 FPT Crimp End 6 Overall Length6 Overall LengthNOTE: ADDITIONAL LENGTHS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. ALTERNATIVE TO A SOLID SWIVEL GLADHAND.GLADHAND SOLD SEPARATELY PAGE 3-IN-1AIR BRAKE & ELECTRICAL LINESFairviews 3-in-1 Air Brake & Electric assembly set was developed to simplify and protect air brake and electrical lines between the tractor and the trailer. The unique live swivel hose ends and superior J]NGNQNY^\x05TK\x05YMJ\x05set promotes longer hose life, helps prevent tangling and means less time is required to make connections.Live eColor cr coded Swivel lspring endsAll El Ends9JHMSNHFQ\x058UJHNHFYNTSX\x1f MEETS OR EXCEEDS:S.A.E J2394, J560, J1402 D.O.T F.M.V.S.S 106 TYPE F TEMPERATURE: -85F to +200F, -65C to +93C FITTINGS: 1/2 live swivel male pipe each end\\\\\\\x13KFNW[NJ\\YYNSLX\x13HTRis a registered trademarkContact Fairview for Details of Fairview2DNYLOOH\x0f\x0321\x03/\x19+\x03\x19*\x14\x03\x12\x03:KHDWHOG\x0f\x031\x03\x14\x17\x14\x15\x1396'