b'STEEL HOSE ENDSLUBE HOSE ENDS FOR USE WITH S.A.E. 100R7 HOSE (Page 108 - 109)STEEL REUSABLE ENDSS.A.E.Male Pipe Female S.A.E.Flare Female(Swivel) Flare (Swivel)PART No.Hose I.D.PipeSC725-2A1/81/8SC725-3A3/161/8 PART No.Hose I.D.TubeSC725-4B1/41/4 PART No.Hose I.D.Tube SR738-241/81/4SC738-241/81/4SC738-343/161/4SC738-441/41/4SC738-461/43/8 Male PipeMale Pipe(Swivel) (Swivel)PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe PART No.Hose I.D.PipeSC725SW-2A1/81/8 SR725SW-2A1/81/8CRIMP SPECIFICATIONS FOR PERMANENTLY ATTACHED HOSE ENDSAll hydraulic assemblies should be pressure tested prior to use. DASHHOSECrimp DIA.HOSEDESCRIPTIONSIZEI.D.SC700 SeriesNOTE: Fairviews Accutek 100R7 hose endsHR7S.A.E. 100R7-21/80.3650are not to be swaged. -33/160.5100-41/40.5550IMPORTANT: This reference chart is provided by Fairview Ltd. for convenience only. The information contained herein cannot be guaranteed because conditions of use are beyond our control, such as variances in hose outside diameters. This document should not be substituted for the judgement of a quali ed professional. Assemblies should be tested prior to installation. The user of this information assumes all risk associated with its use.STEEL HOSE INSERTS FOR USE WITH 100R4 HOSE (Page 107)Hose Insert 90 ELBOW 45 ELBOWTo Male Pipe Hose Insert Hose InsertTo Male Pipe To Male PipePART No.Hose I.D.Pipe PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe PART No.Hose I.D.PipeS1125-10C5/83/8 S1139-10D5/81/2 S1140-10D5/81/2S1125-10D5/81/2 S1139-12E3/43/4 S1140-12E3/43/4S1125-12E3/43/4 S1139-16H11Hose Insert 90 ELBOWTo Male O-Ring Hose Insert45 ELBOW To Male O-RingHose InsertPART No.Hose I.D.O-Ring To Male O-Ring PART No.Hose I.D.O-RingSO1125-63/89/16 - 18 SO1139-41/47/16 - 20SO1125-123/41-1/16 - 12 SO1139-63/89/16 - 18SO1125-1611-5/16 - 12 SO1139-81/23/4 - 16SO1125-161211-1/16 - 12 PART No.Hose I.D.O-Ring SO1139-1611-5/16 - 12SO1125-201-1/41-5/8 - 12 SO1140-1611-5/16 - 12 SO1139-161211-1/16 - 1274'