b'STAINLESS STEEL GAS CONNECTORS(Stationary) FOR DOMESTIC APPLIANCES ANSI Z21.24 - C.S.A. 6.10 Connectors For Gas Appliances ANSI Z21.75 - C.S.A. 6.27 Connectors For Outdoor Gas Appliances And Manufactured Homes50, 250, 375 SERIES 250 & 375 SERIESAVAILABLE AVAILABLEWITHOUT COATING (ACSB-) WITH BLACK COATING (BLK) WHISTLE FREE (-WF)PART No. CONFIGURATION LENGTH IN INCHES3/8 O.D. (1/4 I.D.) Black Coated 12 18 24 30ACSBLK-250F6M81/2 MPT X 3/8 FPT-12-18-24-30ACSBLK-250F8M81/2 MPT X 1/2 FPT-12-18-24-30ACSBLK-250FM3/8 MPT X 3/8 FPT-12-18-24-30ACSBLK-250M8BV1/2 MPT X 1/2 FPT BALL VALVE-12-18-24-301/2 O.D. (3/8 I.D.) Black Coated * 12 18 24 30ACSBLK-375FM1/2 MPT X 1/2 FPT-12-18-24-30ACSBLK-375M6M83/8 MPT X 1/2 MPT-12-18-24-30ACSBLK-375MM3/8 MPT X 3/8 MPT-12-18-24-303/8 O.D. (1/4 I.D) Whistle Free Black Coated 18 24 30ACSBLK-250F6M81/2 MPT X 3/8 FPT-18-24-30ACSBLK-250F8M63/8 MPT X 1/2 FPT-18-24-301/2 O.D. (3/8 I.D.) Whistle Free Black Coated 18 24 30ACSBLK-375F8M63/8 MPT X 1/2 FPT-18-24-303/8 O.D. (1/4 I.D.) Uncoated 1824 30ACSB-250F8BV1/2 FPT X 1/2 FPT BALL VALVE-18-24-ACSB-250FM3/8 MPT X 3/8 MPT-18-24-1/2 O.D. (3/8 I.D.) Uncoated 18 24 30ACSB-375FM3/8 MPT X 3/8 MPT-18-24-30ACSB-375MBV3/8 MPT X 1/2 FPT VALL VALVE-18-24-30* 36, 48, 60 and 72 Lengths also available onPART No. Example: ACSBLK-250FM-24request.For GAS-FLO CSA certi ed ball valves see page Appliance Connector Rack PART No. ACR-8 holds up to 32 connectors.The above stationary connectors may be used with: Natural, manufactured, mixed lique ed petroleum gases, and LP gas-air mixtures. The added protection of stainless steel is especially useful in areas where the natural gas has a high sulfur content. Developed for use in: Household Kitchens Utility RoomsLaundry RoomsPulse Combustion Furnaces (AGAL)Forced Air Heating UnitsRooftop HVAC UnitsCamp re Log SetsFireplaces.TO BE INSTALLEDBY LICENSED GAS FITTERS ONLY.127'