b'QUALITY P.V.C. HOSEThis quality hose features the same uniquely blended P.V.C. compounds as our HPA air hose. Its reduced wall thickness provides an economical alternative without sacri cing working pressure or temperature range.CONSTRUCTION: REINFORCEMENT: Spiral high tensile yarn COLORS: Blue, Red TEMPERATURE: +25F to +150F, -4C to +66C WORKING PRESSURE: 1/4 AND 3/8 I.D. 300 P.S.I. 1/2 150 P.S.I. PACKAGING: Coils FITTINGS: Page 58 - 60 BEND PROTECTORS: Page 248Actual HoseWorkingCoilI.D.O.D.PressureLength NOTE:PART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)(FT.) WORKING PRESSURE RATED RVH-4RED-COIL1/4.438300300 AT +70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE RVH-6BLU-COIL3/8.594300300 WORKING PRESSURE.RVH-6RED-COIL3/8.594300300QUALITY P.V.C. HOSE ASSEMBLIESThe RV Series of assemblies is constructed with RVH hose. All assemblies have factory crimped ends with either B - 1/4 or C - 3/8 brass male pipe ends. Stan-dard lengths are -25, 50, 75 or 100ft. COLORS: Blue, Red, Yellow TEMPERATURE: +25F to +150F, -4C to +66C PACKAGING: Individually shrink wrapped with barcoded label. FITTINGS: Machined Brass Custom lengths available upon request.NOTE:WORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.1/4 I.D. HOSE1/4 NPT ENDS 3/8 I.D. HOSE1/4 NPT ENDS 3/8 I.D. HOSE3/8 NPT ENDS Working Working Working LengthPressureLengthPressureLengthPressurePART No.(FT.)(P.S.I.) PART No.(FT.)(P.S.I.) PART No.(FT.)(P.S.I.)RV4RED-25B25300 RV6BLU-25B25300 RV6RED-25C25300RV4RED-50B50300 RV6BLU-50B50300 RV6RED-50C50300RV4RED-100B100300 RV6BLU-100B100300RV6RED-25B25300RV6RED-50B50300RV6RED-100B10030083'