b'TOOLSMULTI-CUTTER SPRING TYPE TUBE BENDERTELESCOPIC TUBE CUTTERPART No.Capacity In.TC-2181/4 TO 1-3/8 O.D.TC-218-CSST(Stainless Wheel For CSST) TCW-218CUTTER WHEEL PART No.For Tube O.D.T10-8 1/2 Professional quick-adjusting tube cutter and deburring tool for copper, brass, aluminum, andThis spring bender is used to bend soft copper tube by hand to avoid stainless steel tube. collapsing the tube. Easily retracting deburring tool stored in frame. Grooved rollers for close-to- are cuts. Contoured knob stores spare cutter wheel. TUBE REAMERINTERNAL - EXTERNAL TUBE REAMERSTANDARD TUBE CUTTERPART No.RangePART No.Capacity In. TR-11/4 I.D.TO 1-3/8 O.D.TC-4121/4 TO 1-1/8 O.D.Designed for use with metallic and For accurate cutting of copper, brass, non-metallic tube.aluminum tube and thin wall conduit.FLARING TOOLS Aluminum alloy body and sliding block.Groove rollers for close-to- are cuts. Fold away reamer. Contoured knob stores spare cutter wheel.MINI TUBE CUTTERPART No.Capacity In.TC-4131/8 TO 7/8 O.D.For accurate cutting of copper, brass,aluminum tube and thin wall conduit. PART No.FlareCapacity In.Aluminum alloy body. FT-64545 S.A.E1/8 O.D. TO 3/4 O.D.Groove rollers for close-to- are cuts. Fold away reamer.For aluminum and soft copper tube.Contoured knob stores spare cutter wheel.Precision burnished 45 Flare with an easy turn of the handle. Depth gauge allows proper positioning of tube for correctaring.MECHANICAL TUBE BENDERPART No.Tube O.D.T9-456 *1/4, 5/16, 3/8T9-81/2T9-10 5/8Will bend a combination of 3 sizes.*Styles may vary depending on size.PART No.FlareCapacity In.Special design to bend soft copper, brass, FT-41145 S.A.E.3/16 O.D. TO 5/8 O.D.aluminum and thin wall steel tube. A light andeasy to handle bending tool which will permitFor aluminum and soft copper tube. bends on all planes.Bar has quick-opening feature with large wing nuts.Self centering yoke.NOTE: Tube must be in annealed state:Long bar for griping in vise.Will not bend hard-drawn material.244'