b'GAS SERVICE KITSPART No. FKPL-1 (GAS SERVICE PILOT LINE KIT)Designed for use in theeld, Fairviews pilot line kit offers a selection of popular brass compression and gas ori cettings in an impact resistant, single sided carry case.PART No.Desc.Qty. PART No.Desc.Qty. PART No.Desc.Qty.60-2Compression Sleeve 1/85 68-3B3/16 Tube-1/4 Pipe2 GO17-72Ori ce 1/8 F.P.T.260-3Compression Sleeve 3/1610 68-4A1/4 Tube-1/8 Pipe2 GO100-72Cap Ori ce-72 260-4Compression Sleeve 1/410 68-4B1/4 Tube-1/4 Pipe2 GO100-BLANKCap Ori ce261-2Compression Nut 1/85 81-2NPilot Nut 1/85 D56Gauging Drill #56161-3Compression Nut 3/1610 81-3NPilot Nut 3/16561-4Compression Nut 1/410 81-4NPilot Nut 1/41062-2Union 1/82 121-M8ULThread Sealant1 Kit Dimensions62-3Union 3/164 ABFR-BOX-1Storage Box1 Height: 12.0 In.62-4Union 1/44 G3015Pilot Broaches668-2A1/8 Tube-1/8 Pipe2 G3020Brass Handle Broach1 Width: 14.5 In.68-3A3/16 Tube-1/8 Pipe2 GO9-72Ori ce 7/16-271 Depth: 2.375 In.BRASS WELDING FITTINGSOXYGENOXYGEN OXYGEN TYPE BTYPE B TYPE B STANDARDSTANDARD STANDARD Right Hand ThreadRight Hand CombinationThread HOSE COUPLERHOSE NUT 137-R NUT and 138 NIPPLE PART No.ThreadHex Dia.136-R9/16-18 R.H.11/16PART No.ThreadHex Dia. PART No.Hose I.D.Thread137-R9/16-18 R.H.11/16 132-4R1/49/16-18 R.H.132-5R5/169/16-18 R.H. ACETYLENE132-6R3/89/16-18 R.H. TYPE BSTANDARDLeft Hand ThreadACETYLENE Both EndsTYPE B HOSE COUPLERSTANDARD ACETYLENE PART No.ThreadHex Dia.Left Hand TYPE B 136-L9/16-18 L.H.5/8Thread STANDARDCombination OXYGENHOSE NUTTYPE BPART No.ThreadHex Dia. 137-L NUT and 138 NIPPLE STANDARD137-L9/16-18 L.H.11/16 Right Hand ThreadPART No.Hose I.D.Thread133-4L1/49/16-18 L.H.133-5L5/169/16-18 L.H. OUTLET BUSHING133-6L3/89/16-18 L.H.PART No.Thread135-RB9/16-18 R.H. X 1/4 NPTTYPE BSTANDARDUse With ACETYLENE137-R or TYPE BL Nuts CGA 555 STANDARDSWIVEL Left Hand ThreadHOSE BARB NIPPLE ADAPTEROUTLET BUSHINGPART No.Hose I.D.138-33/16 PART No.Thread138-41/4 NippleNut 135-LB9/16-18 L.H. X 1/4 NPT138-63/8 PART No. ThreadThread 135-LC9/16-18 L.H. X 3/8 NPTGR-5551/4 NPT903-14 NGO L.H. 135-LD9/16-18 L.H. X 1/2 NPT41'