b'BRASS GAS APPLIANCE ORIFICESPART No. FKGO (GAS SERVICE ORIFICE KITS)Fairviews FKGO KIT includes 12 of the most commonly used ori ces.ContainsPART No.Desc.Qty. PART No.Desc.Qty.GO6-*Ori ce 1/4-2820 GO31-*1/4 M.P.T.10GO8-*Ori ce 11/32-3215 GO100Cap Ori ce25GO9-*Ori ce 7/16-2715 81-3NPilot Nut 3/1610GO15-*Ori ce 3/8-2710 81-4NPilot Nut 1/410GO17-*Ori ce 1/8 F.P.T.20 181-2One Piece Nut 1/820GO30-*1/8 M.P.T.15 181-4One Piece Nut 1/420PART No.Description*Drill SizeFKGO-LPLP Gas-72 (.0250)FKGO-NGNatural Gas-56 (.0465) Kit Dimensions:Height: 6.75 In.FKGO-BOX Plastic Box OnlyWidth: 11.00 In., Depth: 1.75 In.GAS ORIFICE STARTING HOLES:-72 = .0250, -80 = .0135-BL = NO STARTING HOLE.OTHER STARTING HOLES / IDENTIFICATION STAMPING AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.SEE PAGE 239 FOR DRILL SIZING.PART No.Thread Size PART No.Thread Size PART No.Thread Size PART No.Thread SizeGO6-721/4-28 GO8-7211/32-32 GO9-727/16-27 GO30-721/8 M.P.T.CAP ORIFICESPART No.Thread Size PART No.Thread Size PART No.Thread Size PART No.Thread SizeGO15-723/8-27 GO17-721/8 F.P.T. GO31-561/4 M.P.T. GO31-721/4 M.P.T.PILOT NUTS GAS SPUD AND ORIFICEBREAKAWAY ONE PIECE TYPE TYPE PART No.Tube Size Ori ceThread81-2N1/8 PART No.Tube Size PART No.ThreadDescriptionSize81-3N3/16 181-21/8 GS217/16-27Spud1/4 NPT81-4N1/4 181-33/16 GO9-727/16-27Ori ce7/16-2781L-4NLong1/4 181-41/4GAS SLOTTED CAP JET ORIFICE REPAIR ADAPTER TAPERED PILOT BROACHESPART No. G1008Tapers from .008 to .017 G3015Tapers from .003 to .013 GO100ADAPTERCAP HAS SIX SLOTS INSTALLEDPART No.Thread SizeDrill Size Repairs obsolete and modern cap ori ces quickly. HEXAGON BRASS HANDLEGS22-671/8 NPT 1/2 HEX67GS22-761/8 NPT 1/2 HEX76 PART No. GS22-BBODY ONLYGO100-Blank PART No.GS22-CCAP ONLY GO100-72 G3020Tapers from .003 to .013 40'