b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS AND RISERSIn 1976, Elster Perfection revolutionized natural gas distribution with the introduction of therst polyethylene, mechanical coupling. Since that time, Permasert Couplings have been accepted as an industry standard and helped utilities throughout the world simplify service line installations and save money. COUPLINGS: For joining two same diameters tube or pipe sizes.SDR / PART No. SIZEWallMaterial PF-50100 1/2 CTS.090 PE4710 / PE3408PF-500303/4 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-501031 CTS.099 / .103PE4710 / PE3408PF-506011 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-500350101-1/4 IPSSDR 9.3/10PE4710 / PE3408PF-503611-1/2 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-503142 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408REDUCING COUPLINGS: For joining two different diameter tube or pipe sizes.SDR /SDR / PART No. SIZEWallSIZEWallMaterialPF-509691/2CTS.0903/4 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-514321 IPSSDR113/4 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-503431-1/4 IPSSDR 9.31 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408REPAIR COUPLINGS:In the event the tube or pipe has been damaged you can save 50 to 75% repair time compared to using old fashion methods.Simply snip out the damaged area, clean and chamfer the tube or pipe, stab the repair coupling on both ends, test for leaks - the job is complete. SDR /OVERALL PART No.SIZEWallLENGTHMaterialPF-506401 IPSSDR1112 LONGPE4710 / PE3408BLIND END CAPS: (CUT OFF END)This Blind End Cap is for closing the end of a service line with the ability to open the service line at a later time.When service is to be extended, simply cut along the clearly marked dotted line on the capped end and stab the new gas line into the mechanical coupling.SDR / PART No.SIZEWallMaterialPF-503172IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408224'