b'GENERAL USE P.V.C. BRAIDED HOSE WorkingCoilHose O.D.Actual I.D.PressureLengthPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)(FT.)PVC-63-50.3753/1625050FAIRVIEW P.V.C.PVC-84-50.4601/425050PVC-95-50.5255/1625050PVC-106-50.6003/822550NOTE: PVC-128-50.7501/220050WORKING PRESSURE RATED ATPVC-1410-50.8755/820050+70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT ORPVC-1712-501.0253/415050INTERNAL INCREASE INPVC-2116-251.312112525TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THEPVC-2820-251.6201-1/410025WORKING PRESSURE. PVC-3224-252.0001-1/210025PVC-4032-252.50027525Polyvinyl-Chloride Braided Hose is manufactured from F.D.A. approved resins. It has an open mesh nylon braid to withstand higher pressures. PVC-63-100.3753/16250100It is transparent (blockages can be easily detected),exible, light, and nonPVC-84-100.4601/4250100conductive. It is suitable for use with air, mineral salts, plating solution, water,PVC-95-100.5255/16250100salt water, and hydrocarbons. PVC-106-100.6003/8225100PVC-128-100.7501/2200100 PACKAGING:25 FT, 50 FT & 100 FT COILS PVC-1410-100.8755/8200100500 ft reels 1/8 to 1/2 I.D. PVC-1712-1001.0253/4150100300 ft reels 5/8 to 1 I.D. PVC-2116-1001.3121125100NOTE: To order reel lengths change PVC-2820-1001.6201-1/4100100-100 to -REEL on sizes 1/8 TO 1 I.D. PVC-3224-1002.0001-1/2100100PVC-4032-1002.500275100 TEMPERATURE: -5F to +160F, -21C to +71C FITTINGS: Page 58 - 60NOTE: THIS TUBE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MILK CONTACT, ALCOHOL OR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS.AIR HOSE ASSEMBLY REPAIR KITSService Kit Selection: Service Kit Selection:PART No. FKAR-1 PART No. FKAR-2Designed for use in theeld orDesigned for use in theeld or shop, this kit includes a goodshop, this kit includes a large selection of items to complete selection of air hosettings, many air hose repairs. clamps and Q.Ds. Single sided Flip-top carry case. carry case, with handleOverall: Overall: HC9 Height6-3/4 inches Height11.5 inches VERSIONWidth10-3/4 inches Width15.5 inchesDepth1-3/4 inches Depth 2.5 inches (2 EAR CLAMP)HC9Kit ContainsVERSION PART No.Qty.Description(2 EAR CLAMP) HC9-810.433-.512(IN) 11.0 - 13.0(MM)HC9-910.512-.591(IN) 13.0 - 15.0(MM)Kit Contains HC9-9-1/210.544-.669(IN) 15.0 - 17.0(MM)PART No.Qty.Description HC9-1010.591- . 708(IN) 15.0 - 18.0(MM)HC9-810.433-.512(IN) 11.0 - 13.0(MM) HC9-1210.669-.787(IN) 17.0 - 20.0(MM)HC9-910.512-.591(IN) 13.0 - 15.0(MM) 122-B51/2 Hex NipplesHC9-9-1/210.544-.669(IN) 15.0 - 17.0(MM) 125-4B51/4 x 1/4 Hose BarbsHC9-1010.591- . 708(IN) 15.0 - 18.0(MM) 125-6B53/8 x 1/4 Hose BarbsHC9-1210.669-.787(IN) 17.0 - 20.0(MM) 129-451/4 Hose Splicers HC9E-R1Regular Pincers 129-653/8 Hose Splicers 125-4B51/4 x 1/4 Hose Barbs QD-ARON4-4F51/4 x 1/4 FPT ARO Interchange Nipple125-6B53/8 x 1/4 Hose Barbs QD-ARON4-4M51/4 x 1/4 NPT ARO Interchange Nipple129-451/4 Hose SplicersQD-INDN4-4F51/4 x 1/4 FPT Industrial Interchange Nipple129-653/8 Hose SplicersQD-INDN4-4M51/4 x 1/4 NPT Industrial Interchange Nipple240-B31/4 Drain Cocks QD-UNIAC4-4F21/4 x 1/4 FPT Universal Interchange Coupler86'