b'HYDRAULIC QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLINGSSERIES AISO 7241-1 INTERCHANGEInterchangeable with Parker 6600 series, Aeroquip 5600 Series,Safeway S56 Series and othermanufacturers couplers and nipples built in accordance to I.S.O. 7241-1 Series A. 4 : 1 Safety factor (Min. Burst = W.P. X 4) High strength steel construction. Proven ball lock mechanism. Nitrile NBR seals with PTFE back-up ring For use with hydraulicuids in mobile and stationary applications. Temperature Range: -40F to 250FSTEELCOUPLER SETMAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE (PSI)1/43/81/23/41STEEL4,6004,6004,0004,0003,000VALVED COUPLER - STEEL VALVED NIPPLE - STEELFemale FemalePART No.Body SizePipe PART No.Body SizePipeQD-ISOAC4-4F1/41/4 QD-ISOAN4-4F1/41/4QD-ISOAC6-6F3/83/8 QD-ISOAN6-6F3/83/8QD-ISOAC8-8F1/21/2 QD-ISOAN8-8F1/21/2QD-ISOAC12-12F3/43/4 QD-ISOAN12-12F3/43/4QD-ISOAC16-16F11 QD-ISOAN16-16F 11SizeDust PlugDust Cap3/8QD-PDP-11QD-PDC-131/2QD-PDP-14QD-PDC-153/4QD-PDP-19QD-PDC-20 DUST1QD-PDP-23QD-PDC-24 DUSTPLUG CAPHIGH PRESSURE /THREAD TO CONNECT (PARKER 3000) INTERCHANGE Interconnect with Parker 3000 series, Faster PVV series and other screw to connect couplings used in the hydraulic tool and rescue equipment markets. Zero leakage and higherow rates than commonly used metal to metal sealing.STEELHigh strength steel construction with heavy duty clear zinc plating for excellent corrosion resistanceVALVED COUPLER - STEEL VALVED NIPPLE - STEELWorking WorkingPART No.Body SizePipePressure (PSI) PART No.Body SizePipePressure (PSI)QD-TCC4-4M1/4 Coupler1/4 NPT10,000 QD-TCN4-4F1/4 Nipple1/4 FPT10,000QD-TCC6-6F3/8 Coupler3/8 FPT10,000 QD-TCN6-6F3/8 Nipple3/8 FPT10,000QD-TCC6-6M3/8 Coupler3/8 NPT10,000177'