b'PNEUMATIC QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLINGSLINCOLN INTERCHANGE COUPLING - MANUALFairviews Lincoln series interchange is a manual style connection easily identi ed by its long pilot and short ball groove. It interchanges with Lincoln style couplings available from other manufacturers.See Pneumatic Quick Disconnect Crossover - Page 180Operating pressure:300 P.S.I. (21 BAR)Identi ed by its very long noseCOUPLERS NIPPLESPART No.Body SizePipe PART No.Body SizePipeQD-LINMC4-4F1/41/4 FPT QD-LINN4-4F1/41/4 FPTQD-LINMC4-4M1/41/4 MPT QD-LINN4-4M1/41/4 MPTMINIATURE HIGH CAPACITY SERIES - AUTOMATICIdeally suited for medical, dental equipment, small air tools, robotics, laboratories, air conditioning systems, plant feeding, training aids, auto emission testing, cooling lines, photo processing and breathing apparatus. Maximum pressure rating:1,000 psi One-handed operation Working pressure:0-230 psi Highow-low pressure drop Vacuum:Over 12 Mercury Large range of connections Brass construction Temperature range:-40F to +250F, -40C to +121CCOUPLERS NIPPLESPART No.Body SizePipe PART No.Body SizePipeQD-MINIAC2-2F1/81/8 FPT QD-MININ2-2F1/81/8 FPTQD-MINIAC2-4F1/81/4 FPT QD-MININ2-4F1/81/4 FPTQD-MINIAC2-2M1/81/8 MPT QD-MININ2-2M1/81/8 MPTQD-MINIAC2-4M1/81/4 MPT QD-MININ2-4M1/81/4 MPTUNIVERSAL INTERCHANGE COUPLING - AUTOMATICFairviews Universal series is a push-to-connect style coupler capable of accepting ARO 210, Industrial and Tru-Flate Interchanges.Operating pressure:300 P.S.I. (21 BAR)COUPLERS COUPLERSPART No.Body SizePipe PART No.Body SizeHose BarbQD-UNIAC4-4F1/41/4 FPT QD-UNIAC4-4H1/41/4QD-UNIAC4-6F1/43/8 FPT QD-UNIAC4-6H1/43/8QD-UNIAC4-4M1/41/4 MPTQD-UNIAC4-6M1/43/8 MPT184'