b'GAS PRODUCT SELECTIONS(WITH DISPLAY RACK)FEATURES:All smaller sized products are suppled blister boxed and UPC bar coded.Propane Assemblies, Kits and Regulators are supplied hanger boxed with one hole punched header. Each package includes a full set of product identi cation cards for panel mounting on our rack. When ordering replacement packaged product, minimum carton quantities may apply. Each kit is designed for a particular application. Three different categories to choose from. Display rack is included in these selections: Includes frame panel legs and shelf.OVERALL DIMENSIONS:Height: 67 inchesDepth:24 inchesWidth:18 inchesBB-148CV-4BRECREATION VEHICLE PRODUCT SELECTION PART No. GAS-RVPART No.DescriptionQty.Placement BB-2499BB-2012Propane Brance Tee with Handwheel P.O.L. 2Row 1BB-2013Propane Branch Tee with QCC12Row 1BB-2015Propane Branch Tee with QCC1/POL2Row 1BB-2094Propane Cylinder Tee2Row 1BB-2099Propane Branch Tee With Handwheel2Row 1BB-2499Propane Branch Tee with QCC1/POL2Row 1BB-2000Dual Propane Tank Manifold Tee5Row 2BB-GR-1B-500QCC1 Tailpiece (High Flow)3Row 2BB-QD-GMRV-SETRecreational Vehicle Quick Disconnect Set3Row 2BB-2095Propane Tank Adapter3Row 2BB-2097Reserve Cylinder Adapter3Row 2BB-2491Last Chance Cylinder Adapter3Row 2GR-9950PTwo-Stage Propane Gas Regulator1Row 3GR-9959PTwo-Stage Propane Gas Regulator1Row 3GR-9984PTwo-Stage Propane Gas Auto Changeover Reg.2Row 3I4C18MI4QCCP218 in. Propane Gas Auto Changeover Reg. Connection x 22Row 3I4C18MP4QCCP18 in. Propane Gas Regulator Connection2Row 3I4C48FCMCP4 ft. Propane Gas Cylinder Thread Extension Hose2Row 4I4C60MCPOLHWP5 ft. Propane Gas POL Extension Hose2Row 4I4C72MCQCCP6 ft. Propane Gas QCC1 Extension Hose2Row 4 I4C18MI4QCCP2I4C120MCQCCP10 ft. Propane Gas QCC1 Extension Hose2Row 4DR-RVGas-Flo Display Rack (Specify English or French)1* ITEMS CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY OR AS KIT SHOWNPlease Contact Your Nearest Fairview Location.259'