b'PROPANE / NATURAL GASQUICK DISCONNECT COUPLINGSC.S.A. GAS INTERCHANGE QUICK DISCONNECTS CSA certi ed to Z21.41/CSA 6.9 for Natural Gas and LP-Gasair mixtures All Size Quick Disconnects Rated To 60 P.S.I.Sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 & 3/4 Quick Disconnects Are Rated To A Temperature -40F (-40C) Sizes 1, & 1-1/4 Quick Disconnects Are Rated To A Temperature -20F (-29C)Quick Disconnect BTU Capacity(Flow capacities are based on 0.64 speci c gravity @ 0.3 w.c. pressure drop)1/43/81/23/411-1/450,00085,000120,000260,000325,000535,000VALVED COUPLER - BRASS NIPPLE - BRASS BodyBodyPART No.SizePipe PART No.SizePipeQD-GMC4-4F1/4 1/4 FPT QD-GMRVN4-4M1/41/4 MPTQD-GMC6-6F3/8 3/8 FPT QD-GMN6-6F3/83/8 FPTQD-GMC8-8F1/2 1/2 FPT QD-GMN8-8F1/21/2 FPTQD-GMC12-12F3/43/4 FPT QD-GMN12-12F3/43/4 FPTQD-GMC16-16F11 FPT QD-GMN16-16F11 FPTQD-GMC20-20F1-1/41-1/4 FPT QD-GMN20-20F1-1/41-1/4 FPTGAS QD Y-SPLITTERWITH VALVED COUPLERSBody PART No.SizeStyle SIZECOUPLER PLUGNIPPLE CAPQD-GMC4-Y1/4Y Splitter 1/4 QD-RVSDC-4QD-GMC4-YPRetail Packaged 3/8QD-GMDP-6QD-GMDC-6QD-GMC6-Y3/8 Y Splitter 1/2QD-GMDP-8QD-GMDC-8QD-GMC6-YPRetail Packaged 3/4QD-GMDP-12QD-GMDC-12187'