b'CLEAR VINYL TUBEWorkingTube O.D.Actual I.D. PressurePART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)JFT-42-1001/41/865JFT-53-1005/163/1655JFT-63-100 3/83/1665CERTIFIEDJFT-64-1003/81/455CJFT-75-100 7/165/1650UNDERJFT-84-100 1/21/470STANDARDJFT-85-1001/25/1660JFT-86-1001/23/84551 and 61 JFT-106-100 5/83/855JFT-108-1005/81/230Clear polyvinyl-chloride tube is manufactured from F.D.A. approved resins. JFT-128-1003/41/245It is clear,exible, easy to clean, abrasion resistant and non-contaminating. JFT-1210-1003/45/830It is suitable for the conveyance of air, and water and is used extensivelyJFT-1410-1007/85/840where food and beverages are conveyed. JFT-1612-10013/435JFT-1812-1001-1/83/450 PACKAGING: 50 FT & 100 FT COILS 1/8 TO 1-1/4 I.D. JFT-2014-100 1-1/47/835 500 FT REELS 1/8 TO 1/2 I.D. JFT-2016-1001-1/4125NOTE: TO ORDER REEL LENGTHS CHANGE -100 TO REEL JFT-2416-100 1-1/2135TO ORDER 50 FOOT COILS CHANGE -100 TO -50 JFT-2420-100 1-1/21-1/420JFT-3224-5021-1/235 TEMPERATURE: +25F to +149F,-4C to +65 C FITTINGS: Hose barbs (Page 58 - 59)NOTE:THE WORKING PRESSURES LISTED FOR THIS TUBE IS RATED AT +70F,+21C. ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE ABOVE LISTED WORKING PRESSURES.Tube O.D.Actual I.D. LengthPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(FT)JFTA-42-10P1/41/810JFTA-53-10P5/163/1610JFTA-64-10P3/81/410 Certain Sizes Now JFTA-75-10P7/165/1610 Available Packaged x JFTA-86-10P1/23/810 10 Ft. (Series JFTA)POLYURETHANE (FUEL LINE) CLEAR TUBEWorkingNOTE: Tube O.D.Actual I.D.WallPressureTHE WORKING PRESSURESPART No.(IN.)(IN.)ThicknessP.S.I.LISTED FOR THIS TUBE IS RATEDFLT-42-251/41/81/16100AT +70F,+21C. ANY AMBIENTFLT-53-255/163/161/1675OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWERFLT-64-253/81/41/1660THE ABOVE LISTED WORKINGFLT-75-257/165/161/1650PRESSURES. FLT-86-251/23/81/1645FLT-128-253/41/21/860This Ether based polyurethane tube has been specially formulated for use with gasoline and is also suitable for such applications as air transferWorkinglines, granular transfer lines, lubrication lines and robotics control lines.ItTube O.D.Actual I.D.WallPressureis clear with a blue tint to allow see-through convenience.Polyurethane tube features abrasion and cut resistance, goodex fatigue and resiliencePART No.(IN.)(IN.)ThicknessP.S.I.and excellent resistance to ozone, solvents and fuel. Items and colors notFLT-42-1001/41/81/16100shown are subject to minimum runs. FLT-53-1005/163/161/1675 PACKAGING: 25 FT & 100 FT COILS FLT-64-1003/81/41/1660 TEMPERATURE: -40F to +175F, -40C to +79C FLT-75-1007/165/161/1650 FITTINGS: Hose barbs (Page 58 - 59) FLT-86-1001/23/81/1645 FOR FUEL LINE HOSE (Page 98) FLT-128-1003/41/21/860134'