b'BRASS NEEDLE VALVES(FOR WORKING PRESSURE UP TO 150 P.S.I.)FLARE COMPRESSION PIPETube To ELBOW Male ToTube Tube To MaleMale PipePART No.Tube PART No.Pipe3042-41/4 PART No.TubePipe 3122-A1/83042-63/8 3069-4A1/41/8 3122-B1/4Lead Free 3069-4B1/41/4 Lead FreePart No. 3069-6B3/81/4 Part No.LF-3042-63/8 Lead Free LF-3122-A1/8Part No.LF-3069-4A1/41/8LF-3069-4B1/41/4COMPRESSIONPoly TubeFLARE PIPE ToELBOW Female Poly TubeTube To ToMale Pipe FemalePART No.TubePART No.TubePipe 3462-41/43049-4A1/41/8 PART No.Pipe 3462-63/83103-A1/83103-B1/4Lead FreePart No.LF-3103-A1/8 COMPRESSIONCOMPRESSION LF-3103-B1/4 Poly TubeTube To ToTube Male PipePIPE PART No.TubePipePART No.Tube Female 3469-4A1/41/83062-41/4 To Male Lead Free3062-55/16 Part No.3062-63/8 LF-3469-4A1/41/8Lead Free PART No.Pipe LF-3469-4B1/41/4Part No. 3120-A1/8LF-3062-41/4 3120-B1/4LF-3062-63/8 Lead FreeLead Free refers to the wetted surface of Part No. pipe,ttings andxtures in potable water LF-3120-A1/8 systems that have a weighted averageLF-3120-B1/4 lead content less than or equalto 0.25%.HUMIDIFIER WATER NEEDLE VALVE ASSEMBLIES NEEDLE NEEDLEVALVE VALVEASSEMBLY ASSEMBLYComplete With Brass Complete With SteelForged Clamp Clamp (Zinc Plated)PART No.Description PART No.DescriptionS3069-4For 1/4 O.D. Tube Assembly S3069-ST-4Self Tapping AssemblyPackaged complete with insert, sleeve and instructions.161'