b'WATER HOSE ASSEMBLIESNON-TOXIC AIR BREATHING HOSESpecially designed non-toxic air breathing hose that provides low tem-peratureexibility and low odor.CONSTRUCTION: High tensile strength yarn reinforcement. TUBE: Clear PVC compound, formulated in compliance with FDA(03) andRoHS(15) requirements. MEETS NIOSH REQUIREMENTSCOVER: Cover Non-toxic, U.V. and weather resistant PVC compound.FOR TYPE C RESPERATORCOLOR: Black TEMPERATURE: -15F to +150F, -26C to +65CReelWorkingTEMPERATURE: (HBAL Low Temp) -40F to +150F, -40C to +65CActual I.D.Hose O.D.LengthPressurePACKAGING: For reel lengths and Coils see below.PART No.(IN.)(IN.)(FT.)(P.S.I)FITTINGS: Hose Barbs (Page 58 - 60)HBA-6-REEL3/8.688300250HBAL-6-REEL3/8.720300300SEWER CLEANING JETTING / LATERAL LINE HOSE ASSEMBLIES OEM and Aftermarket high pressure sewer cleaning hose Abrasion, cut and water resistantSuperior kink resistance Low volumetric expansion Available in 1, 3/4 and 1/2 hose I.D. and 500, and 600 lengthsHoseWorkingApprox.PermanentAssembly CONSTRUCTION: Reinforced high tensileActual I.D.O.D. PressureWgt./ Ft.CouplingLengthsyntheticber PART No.Color(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I)(LBS.)End(FT.) TUBE: Polyole n SCH-12BLU-600Blue3/41.1803,000.293/4 Male Pipe600 COVER: Polyurethane SCH-12ORA-300Orange3/41.1802,500.283/4 Male Pipe300 COLOR: Available in Orange, Blue, Green and Black SCH-16BLU-600Blue11.4753,000.411 Male Pipe600 TEMPERATURE:-40F to 122F (-40C to 50C) SCH-16ORA-500Orange11.4602,500.401 Male Pipe500SCH-16ORA-600Orange11.4602,500.401 Male Pipe600 Jetting/Lateral Line - Used for jetting equipment. High pressure sewer cleaning applications Tight pipe bendsSlick, Slither cover affords an easier handling hoseHoseWorkingApprox.PermanentAssemblyActual I.D.O.D. PressureWgt./ Ft.CouplingLength TEMPERATURE: -40F (-40C) to +160F (+71C) PART No.Color(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I)(LBS.)End(FT.) MIN. BURST PRESSURE: 10000 PSI SLJ-2GRN-50Green1/8.2504,000.041/8 Male Pipe50 MIN. BEND RADIUS: 2 1/2 in - 4 in SLJ-2GRN-100Green1/8.2504,000.041/8 Male Pipe100 COVER MATERIAL: Polyether-urethane SLJ-2GRN-200Green1/8.2504,000.041/8 Male Pipe200 INNER TUBE MATERIAL: ThermoplasticSLJ-4GRN-100Green1/4.5004,000.061/4 Male Pipe100 REINFORCEMENT: Double high tensile braid SLJ-4GRN-200Green1/4.5004,000.061/4 Male Pipe200SLJ-6GRN-100Green3/8.6504,000.113/8 Male Pipe100SLJ-6GRN-150Green3/8.6504,000.113/8 Male Pipe150SLJ-6GRN-200Green3/8.6504,000.113/8 Male Pipe200SLJ-6GRN-300Green3/8.6504,000.113/8 Male Pipe30088'