b'STEEL CRIMP HOSE ENDSFOR USE WITH SEWER CLEANING HOSE (Page 88)Male Pipe SplicerPART No.Hose I.D.Pipe PART No.Hose I.D.SCH25-12E3/43/4 SCH29-12123/4SCH25-16H11 SCH29-16161HYDRAULIC CRIMP INSTRUCTIONS1. 1. Cut hose to length. Using a cut-off saw or cut-off wheel, cut the hose square to the de-sired length. Clean hose with air pressure to remove dust particles.2. Mark insertion depth. 2. Find the insertion depth by measuring the distance from the end of the ferrule to the shoulder of the ferrule. Using a ruler or by holding the hose next to the ferrule, mark a line on the hose indicating the insertion depth.3. Lubricate hose with hose assembly lubricant.3. Place a small amount of lubricant on the outer and inner tube portion of the hose. Only use approved hose assembly lubricant. Other non-approved lubricants or oil products may not be compatible with hose material.4. 4. Inserttting into hose. Push thetting into the hose until the insertion depth mark lines up with the end of the ferrule.5. Insert Hose into crimping machine.When crimping Fairviews SC600 and SCK600 Series, align the dots 5. on the ferrule with the top of the dies. ( gure 1)When crimping Fairviews SC500, SC900 and SCT900MSSeries, align the top shoulder of the ferrule with the top of the dies and crimp the entire ferrule. ( gure 2)6. Check Crimp Diameter.6. After crimping verify crimp diameter is within speci cations using calipers. Place caliper on the lower or smooth portion of the ferrule. Do not place calipers on any raised ridges on the ferrule. Measure the top, middle and bottom of the ferrule to ensure crimp diameter is correct and uniform.All hydraulic assemblies should be pressure tested prior to use.75'