b'DRY PRESSURE GAUGES Dry Gauge#304 Stainless Steel Case1.5% Full Scale AccuracyOperating Temperature: - 40F To + 392F, -40C To +200CMeets ASME B40.100 StandardsBourdon Tube #316 SSTELL TALE 1/4 NPT STAINLESS STEEL STEM MOUNT (2.5 DIAL) How does the Accutek Tell-Tale Pressure Gauge work?Place an Accutek Tell-Tale gauge anywhere in the line you want to check for leaks / pressure loss.Set the adjustable needle to the same pressure as the gauge needle and wait.If, over time, the pressure gauge needle drops below the adjustable needle, the system is losing pressure. DialDiameter RangePART No.(IN.)(P.S.I.)(kPa)PG-160SD25SS-MINP2.50-1600-1,100TRIDICATOR 1/4 NPT CENTER BACK MOUNT (2.5 DIAL)Dry GaugeSteel CaseAccuracy: 3% -2% -3% Connection: BrassBourdon TubeScrew-on Plastic FaceDial Probe LengthRangePART No.DiameterABC(P.S.I.)(kPa)PG-75/320TR252.50.371.620.500-750-500PG-75/320TR25-12.51.431.000.500-750-500PG-75/320TR25- Temperature:+60F to +320F,+16C to +160CTRIDICATOR 1/2 NPT CENTER BACK MOUNT (3.5 DIAL) ADry GaugeSteel CaseAccuracy: 3% -2% -3% Connection: BrassBourdon TubeScrew-on Plastic FaceC Dial Probe LengthRangeFt.PART No.DiameterABC(P.S.I.)H2OPG-55/250CTR35-D 3.5 0.42 2.08 0.700-550-130B Operating Temperature: +70F to +320F, +21C to +160CSteel Rimmed ABS Other Temperature Ranges Available.198'