b'EASY-TO-INSTALL PERMASERT SYSTEMCut the tube so Use a soft felt-tipthat the end is pen, crayon orsquare. grease pencil tomark the stabdepth as indicatedon your Permasertpackageinstructions.The stab depthis the approximatedistance from the edge of the fusion bead to the end of the Wipe with a cleantting body.dry cloth. Inspect Stab the tube intofor scratches or the Permasertgouges. If any,tting so that thecut again so that stab depth mark isthe last 2 to 6 visible within 1/8inch section, of the end of thedepending ontting on 1/2size, has no and 1 CTSsurface defects. sizes, within1/4 on all othersizes through 1-1/4 CTS, and approximately 3/8 on the Use the 1-1/4 and 2 IPS sizes. The tube must bottom out in the Perfectiontting. Pressure test the joint in accordance with yourchamfering tool standard procedures. The reference mark can move outward for a proper O.D. up to an additional 3/8 during pressure testing.chamfer. Thischamfer permitsthe tube to becompletelystabbedwithout affecting the internal seals.Polyethylene Pipe and Tube (PE 2406/Yellow) Line Sizing Chart for LP Gas vaporLine sizing for LP gas vapor between 1st and 2nd stage regulators allowing a pressure drop of 1 psi at 10 psi setting.Tube1/2 CTS3/4IPS1CTS1 IPS1-1/4 IPS2IPS Length (ft)SDR 7 (.090)SDR11(.095)SDR 11.5(.099)SDR11(.119)SDR 10 (.166)SDR 11(.216)Maximum LP Gas vapor Capacity (thousands of Btu/hr)101406894010803164862891282488209446001725211067194095537330747475357448766153724385840634402948687429130293717150557354442826535114603269560502319138565884103192944170459292035295385944426944804252704326849878746249539039725273054466181732331910037423792874438776932194812532920922528385867661930515029618842277347460931738417527117242084318055761590920025115971930294551641473322523514921803275248261376825022114051697259045421295927520913301607245243001226830019912651528233240901166935018211571399213437431068040016910721295197634679890*Total length of piping from outlet ofrst stage regulator to inlet of farthest secondThe above numbers were calculated by using the Mueller formula for high pressure in-stage regulator. Note:Polyethylene pipe/tube shall be limited to vapor service not stallations of smooth pipe such as plastic, copper, brass, etc. carrying gas at pressures exceeding 30 psig, and must be installed outdoors and underground. greater than 1 psig.229'