b'PROPANE GAS TEESADD AN APPLIANCE TEE ADD AN APPLIANCE TEE ADD AN APPLIANCE TEE(POLHW / POL) (With QCC1 / POL) (QCC1 / QCPOL)2 2 1 21 13 3 3PART No.123 PART No.123 PART No.1232012MaleMale 1-20Female 2013High CapacityMale 1-20Female 2499High CapacityMale 1-20MaleP.O.L.Cylinder ThreadP.O.L. FemaleCylinder ThreadP.O.L. FemaleCylinder ThreadQCC1With Cap QCC1With Cap QCC1With Cap/ POLBB-2012 Blister Boxed BB-2499Blister Boxed DUAL APPLIANCE TEE TAP AND ADD AN APPLIANCE DUAL APPLIANCE TEE(With QCC1) TEE (QCC1 / QCPOL) (With Cylinder Thread)2 2 213 113 34PART No.12 & 3PART No. 2015High CapacityMale 1-202022 PART No.12 & 3 FemaleCylinder Thread1234 2094Female 1-20Male 1-20 QCC1With Cap High CapacityMale 1-20Male1/4 CylinderCylinder Thread FemaleCylinder ThreadQCC1Inv. FlareThreadWith CapBB-2015 Blister Boxed QCC1With CapWith PlugBB-2094Blister Boxed2099P.O.L.Male 1-20w/ HandwheelCylinder ThreadWith CapTAP AND ADD AN APPLIANCE TAP AND ADD AN APPLIANCE ADD AN APPLIANCE TEE(POL / QCPOL) (POL / POL) (POL / QCPOL)22 21 13 1 34 34PART No.123PART No.1234 PART No.1234 2021MaleMale 1-20Male2025MaleMale 1-20Male1/4 2090MaleMale 1-20Female1/4 FemaleP.O.L.Cylinder ThreadQCC1P.O.L.Cylinder ThreadQCC1Inv. FlareP.O.L.Cylinder ThreadP.O.L.Inv. Flare With Cap/ POLWith Cap/ POLWith Plug With CapWith PlugWARNING: GAS LANTERNS ARE NOT TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH QCC1 CONNECTIONS.38'