b'POLYETHYLENE UNDERGROUND GAS PIPE Our (yellow) PE2708 polyethylene underground gas pipe is certi ed to B137.4 standards and is suitable for use with propane and natural gas vapor.The coils are held together by straps of different lengths which enables shorter cuts to be released while keeping the remaining coil bound.The pipe or tube is marked every two feet showing the amount of footage remaining on the coil.S.D.R. (STANDARD DIMENSIONAL RATIO) S.D.R. represents the pipe O.D. divided by the wall thickness.NOTE: Pipe is always referenced to Example:2 IPS has a 2.375 pipe O.D. its SDR number while tube is always referenced to its wall thickness. 2 IPS has a 0.216 wall2.375 / 0.216 wall = SDR11 FEETAVG.POUNDSNominalPERPIPEPIPEPERPART No.PIPE SIZESDRWALLCOILO.D.I.D.FOOT PF-361-10-.0901/2CTS(NTS)7.00.090 (2.29 mm)9840.6250.4390.06PF-361-18-.0991CTS(NTS)11.50.099 (2.50 mm)4921.1250.9190.14PF-362-E-SDR113/4IPS (NPS)11.00.095 (2.41 mm)4921.0500.8480.12PF-362-E-SDR11-983/4IPS (NPS)11.00.095 (2.41 mm)981.0500.8480.12PF-362-H-SDR111IPS (NPS)11.00.119 (3.04 mm)4921.3151.0610.19 PF-362-H-SDR11-981IPS (NPS)11.00.119 (3.04 mm)981.3151.0610.19 PF-362-J-SDR101-1/4IPS (NPS)9.30.166 (4.22 mm)4921.6601.3080.34 PF-362-J-SDR10-981-1/4IPS(NPS)9.30.166 (4.22 mm)981.6601.3080.34 PF-362-M-SDR112IPS(NPS)11.00.216 (5.48 mm)4922.3751.9170.63Larger Sizes Available on Request.TRACER TAPE:The message CAUTION GAS LINE BURIED BELOW has been boldly la-beled on this yellow and silver metallic warning tape. We recommend you bury it 6 to 10 inches below ground level and above the PE gas line.You willnd this warning tape, with its 2 inch width, easier to locate than wire with most standard metal detectors.For best results bury as close to surface as possible.Put maximum distance between tape and line being detected. PART No.DESCRIPTIONPF-MTYG-21METALLIC WARNING TRACER TAPE(1000 FT. ROLL X 2)PF-TW-REELMETALLIC TRACER WIRE(656 FT. (200 meter) REEL)222'