b'AIR BRAKE FIELD KITSPART No. ABFR-KIT-1 (AIR BRAKE SERVICE KIT - SELECTION 1)Designed for use in theeld or shop, this kit includes a selection of items to complete many general repairs. Single sided carry case, with handle. Kit DimensionsD.O.T. Air Brake Fittings; Service Kit Selection: Height: 14.5 In.PART No.DescriptionQty. PART No.DescriptionQty.121-M8Thread Sealant Tape1 1468-6BConnector Tube-MP 3/8-1/42 Width: 15.5 In.1460-4DOT Sleeve 1/45 1468-8CConnector Tube-MP 1/2-3/81 Depth: 2.5 In.1460-6DOT Sleeve 3/85 1469-4BElbow Tube-MP 1/4-1/421460-8DOT Sleeve 1/25 1469-6BElbow Tube-MP 3/8-1/421461-4DOT Nut 1/42 1481-4Air Brake Insert 1/451461-6DOT Nut 3/82 1481-6Air Brake Insert 3/851461-8DOT Nut 1/22 1490-6Air Brake Sleeve 3/861491-6Air Brake Nut 3/841462-4DOT Union 1/42 1494-6Nut with Spring Guard 3/821462-6DOT Union 3/82 1495B-CBrass Terminal Bolt 3/811462-8DOT Union 1/21 B1492-6CHose End Body 3/841468-4ADOT Adapter 1/4 to 1/8 MPT2 B1492-6SHose Splicer Body 3/811468-4BDOT Adapter 1/4 to 1/4 MPT2 ABFR-BOX-11 Sided Case1PART No. ABFR-KIT-2 (AIR BRAKE SERVICE KIT - SELECTION 2)Designed for use in theeld or shop, this kit includes a large selection of items to complete most general repairs in a double sided carry case, with handle.D.O.T. Air Brake & Pipe; Service Kit Selection: Kit DimensionsPART No.Desc.Qty. PART No.Desc.Qty.103-A Coupling 1/8 FPT2 1462-6DOT Union 3/82 Height: 12.0 In.103-BCoupling 1/4 FPT2 1462-8DOT Union 1/22103-CCoupling 3/8 FPT2 1462-10DOT Union 5/81 Width: 14.0 In.103-DCoupling 1/2 FPT1 1468-4ADOT Adapter 1/4 to 1/8 MPT2 Depth: 4.0 In.110-BAPipe Bushing 1/4 to 1/83 1468-4BDOT Adapter 1/4 to 1/4 MPT2110-CBPipe Bushing 3/8 to 1/42 1468-6BDOT Adapter 3/8 to 1/4 MPT2110-DCPipe Bushing 1/2 to 3/82 1468-6CDOT Adapter 3/8 to 3/8 MPT2121-BPlug Hex 1/4 MPT3 1468-8CDOT Adapter 1/2 to 3/8 MPT2121-CPlug Hex 3/8 MPT2 1469-4ADOT Elbow 1/4 to 1/8 MPT2121-DPlug Hex 1/2 MPT2 1469-4BDOT Elbow 1/4 to 1/4 MPT2121-M8Thread Sealant Tape2 1469-6BDOT Elbow 3/8 to 1/4 MPT2122-BHex Nipple 1/4 MPT3 1469-6CDOT Elbow 3/8 to 3/8 MPT2122-CHex Nipple 3/8 MPT2 1469-8CDOT Elbow 1/2 to 3/8 MPT2122-DHex Nipple 1/2 MPT2 1481-4DOT Tube Insert 1/431460-4DOT Sleeve 1/43 1481-6DOT Tube Insert 3/831460-6DOT Sleeve 3/83 1481-8DOT Tube Insert 1/231460-8DOT Sleeve 1/23 1481-10DOT Tube Insert 5/831460-10DOT Sleeve 5/82 X115-BPipe Street Elbow 1/421461-4DOT Nut 1/43 X115-CPipe Street Elbow 3/821461-6DOT Nut 3/83 ABFR-BOX-22 Sided Case11461-8DOT Nut 1/231461-10DOT Nut 5/82PART No. ABFR-KIT-1-PC(AIR BRAKE TUBE REPAIR KIT-PUSH-TO-CONNECT FITTINGS)This kit includes a selection of DOT push-to-connectttings and tube to complete many temporaryNo Tool Requiredair brake tube repairs in theeld or shop. Single sided carry case,with handle. Push-To Connect FittingsPush-To-Connect; Tube Repair Kit Selection:Kit DimensionsPART No.DescriptionQty. PART No.DescriptionQty. Height: 14.5 In.1485-4-CUTAir Brake Tube 1/424 In. PC1468-8CConnector Tube-MP 1/2-3/81 Width: 15.5 In.1485-6-CUTAir Brake Tube 3/824 In. PC1469-4AElbow Tube-MP 1/4-1/82 Depth: 2.5 In.1485-8-CUTAir Brake Tube 1/224 In. PC1469-6BElbow Tube-MP 3/8-3/82PC1462-4Brass PTC DOT Union 1/42 PC1469-8CElbow Tube-MP 1/2-3/81PC1462-6Brass PTC DOT Union 3/82 TK-1Thumb Knife1PC1462-8Brass PTC DOT Union 1/22 ABFR-BOX-11 Sided Case1PC1468-4ABrass PTC DOT Adapter 1/4 to 1/8 MPT2PC1468-6BBrass PTC DOT Adapter 1/4 to 1/4 MPT2PC1468-6CConnector Tube-MP 3/8-3/8230'