b'BRASS RING-BARB FITTINGS FOR POLY TUBE(USE WITH POLYETHYLENE TUBE: 360 363) COUPLING 1 2Tube To BULKHEAD TEETube UNION Tube Three EndsPART No.Tube O.D.Tube I.D. 3962-41/4.170 PART No.Tube O.D.Tube I.D.962-63/8.250 977-41/4.170 PART No.Tube O.D.Tube I.D.964-41/4.170964-63/8.250964-81/2.37590 ELBOWTube CONNECTOR ToTube To TubeFemale PipeTube Tube PART No.O.D.I.D.965-41/4.170 RING-BARB FITTINGS ARE DESIGNED TubeTube965-63/8.250PART No.O.D.I.D.Pipe 965-81/2.375966-4A1/4.1701/8 FOR USE WITH FAIRVIEW POLYETHYLENE 966-4B1/4.1701/4 TUBE. THE BARB HAS A RAISED RING THAT CONNECTOR 90 ELBOW IMBEDS INTO THE TUBE. THIS ASSURES Tube To Tube Male Pipe To A LEAKPROOF CONNECTION WHEN USED Male Pipe WITHIN THE NORMAL TEMPERATURE AND Tube TubeTube TubePRESSURE RANGE OF THE TUBE. SIMPLY PART No.O.D.I.D.Pipe PART No.O.D.I.D.Pipe968-4A1/4.1701/8 969-4A1/4.1701/8 PUSH FITTING INTO TUBE TO ASSEMBLE. 968-4B1/4.1701/4 969-4B1/4.1701/4968-6A3/8.2501/8 969-6A3/8.2501/8968-6B3/8.2501/4 969-6B3/8.2501/4 NO TOOLS OR CLAMPS REQUIRED.SEE PAGE 135 FOR POLY TUBENote:Use of Fairview Hose and Tube with other than Fairview original recommendedttings, may void warranty. Verify with a Fairview representative prior to installation.BRASS SCREW-ON REUSABLE HOSE FITTINGSHOSE STEMHOSE HOSE STEM With FemaleFERRULES With Pipe ThreadMale Pipe (Two PieceThread Swivel)HoseHosePART No.O.D.I. D. PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe750-841/21/4 751-4B1/41/4 752-4B1/41/4750-1065/83/8 751-6B3/81/4 752-6B3/81/4750-11611/163/8 751-6C3/83/8 752-6C3/83/864'