b'STEEL GREASE FITTINGS AND KITSSTRAIGHT 45 ANGLE 90 ANGLEOverall Overall OverallThreadLength ThreadLength ThreadLengthPART No.Size(IN.) PART No.Size(IN.) PART No.Size(IN.)GN-6071/8 x 271.25 GN-6371/4 x 280.88 GN-6131/8 X 270.82GN-6101/8 x 270.62 GN-6881/8 x 270.98 GN-9111/4 X 280.69GN-6271/4 x 180.80GN-6411/4 x 280.54GN-6521/4 x 280.67GN-6801/4 x 280.9345 ANGLEMETRICSTRAIGHT OverallMETRIC ThreadLength 90 ANGLEPART No.Size(mm) METRIC Overall GNM-0456mm x 122.6ThreadLength GNM-34510mm x 123.5 OverallPART No.Size(mm) GNM-4458mm x 122.6 ThreadLengthGNM-30110mm x 115.2 PART No.Size(mm)GNM-6016mm x 113.5 GNM-0906mm x 118.0GNM-9018mm x 115.0 GNM-39010mm x 119.0GNM-4908mm x 118.065 ANGLEGREASE WHIP COUPLEROverallThreadLengthPART No.Size(IN.)GN-6121/8 X 270.88GN-6291/4 X 180.96DRIVE FIT Greasettings are 4-Jaw steel coupler for use with rubber oravailable in retail cardedOverallnylon grease whip hose assemblies. blister packs, ten perThreadLengthPART No.Size(IN.)card.Pre x PART No. GN-6085/160.58PART No.Pipe with C10- (10 Pcs.) GN-7283/160.50GWC-A1/8 GN-7431/40.50C-GWC-ACarded X 1 Example: C10-GN607GREASE FITTING ASSORTMENT KITSFairviews greasetting kits provide the most popular grease nipplettings all in onePART No. GN-100-KIT: 100 STANDARD GREASE FITTINGSplace when you need them.This light weightIN 6 POPULAR SIZES. KIT CONTAINS:compact kit is ideal for any shop.OverallPART No.Description ThreadLengthGN-100-KITStandard PART No.QuantityStyleSize(IN.)GNM-100-KITMetric GN-61020Straight1/8 x 270.62GN-6134901/8 X 270.82GN-6376 451/4 x 280.88GN-64160Straight1/4 x 280.54GN-6884451/8 x 270.98GN-9116901/4 X 280.69PART No. GNM-100-KIT: 100 METRIC GREASE FITTINGSIN 6 POPULAR SIZES. KIT CONTAINS:OverallThreadLengthPART No.QuantityStyleSize(mm)GREASE FITTING KIT GNM-04510456mm x 122.6GN-100-KIT GNM-09010906mm x 118.0Kit Dimensions GNM-30110Straight10mm x 115.2Height: 3.50 In. GNM-44510458mm x 122.6Width: 6.25 In. GNM-60140Straight6mm x 113.5Depth: 1.25 In. GNM-90120Straight8mm x 115.042'