b'BRASS SPRING BOTTOM SHUT-OFF COCKS(Not Recommended For Use With Liquids)HEX Shoulder - Tee Handle DOUBLE FEMALE DOUBLE MALEHex Shoulder Hex ShoulderTee Handle Tee HandlePART No.PipeP.S.I. PART No.PipeP.S.I.6103-B1/4100 6122-B1/4100TEMPERATURE: 0F to +180F TEMPERATURE:0F to +180F-18C to +82C -18C to +82C MALE ANDSTRAIGHT DRAINFEMALE Hex ShoulderHex Shoulder Tee HandleTee HandlePART NT No. PipeP.S.I. PART No.PipeP.S.I.ip6120-A1/8100 6125-A1/81006120-B1/4100 6125-B1/4100TEMPERATURE:0F to +180F TEMPERATURE:0F to +180F-18C to +82C-18C to +82CROUND Shoulder - Tee Handle DOUBLE FEMALEMALE ANDRound Shoulder FEMALETee Handle Round ShoulderTee HandlePART No.PipeP.S.I. PART No.PipeP.S.I.7103-B1/4100 7120-A1/81007120-B1/41007120-C3/8100TEMPERATURE:0F to +180F TEMPERATURE:0F to +180F -18C to +82C-18C to +82CHEX Shoulder - Lever Handle DOUBLE FEMALE MALE ANDSTRAIGHT DRAINHex Shoulder FEMALE Hex ShoulderLever Handle Hex Shoulder Lever HandleLever HandlePART No.PipeP.S.I. PART No.PipeP.S.I. PART No.PipeP.S.I.8103-A1/8100 8120-A1/8100 8125-A1/81008103-B1/4100 8120-B1/4100 8125-B1/41008103-C3/8100 8120-C3/8100TEMPERATURE:0F to +180F TEMPERATURE: 0F to +180F TEMPERATURE:0F to +180F -18C to +82C -18C to +82C -18C to +82C 166'