b'WATER HOSE FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIESSWIVEL WATERHose Barb PLUGFemale HoseTo To Female Hose Male PipePART No.HEX NUT (201-H) 206-WP(Square Head Plug) PART No.PipePART No.Hose I.D. 199-D1/2195-63/8 199-E3/4195-81/2195-105/8195-123/4195-16 *1* 1 NPS - 11-1/2 T.P.I. WATER CAPCOUPLINGHose Barb Male HoseTo ToMale Hose Female PipePART No.Hose I.D. PART No.Pipe193-63/8 197-B1/4193-81/2 HEX-KNURL CAP NUT (With Chain) 197-C3/8193-105/8 197-D1/2193-123/4 197-E3/4 193-16 *1 PART No.* 1 NPS - 11-1/2 T.P.I. 200-HKC(Square Head Plug)SWIVELCOUPLING COUPLING Female Hose Male HoseBoth Ends ToMale PipeGHWGHW-EPDMGHW-S PART No. PART No.PipePART No. 203-WWater Thread 196-C3/8GHWGARDEN HOSE WASHER 196-D1/2GHW-EPDMEPDM WASHER 196-E3/4GHW-SSTAINLESS STEELSCREENED# WASHER Lead FreePart No.LF-196-E3/4SWIVELCOUPLING Female HoseToFemale PipeCOUPLING200-W201-H PART No.Pipe Male Hose199S-D1/2 ToPART No. 199S-E3/4 Male Hose200-WKNURLED CAP NUT201-HOPEN HEX NUT Lead FreePart No. PART No.DescriptionLF-199S-D1/2 196-W Male Hose To Male HoseWATERLINE SWIVELAIR DRAINCONNECTORVALVEFemale Hose COUPLINGToFemale HosePART No. Description Male Pipe To204 HEX KNURLED CAP Female PipeNUT TO AIR VALVE PART No.Pipe194-B1/4 PART No.PipeIdeally suited for Recreational Vehicle winter prep. 194-C3/8 198-D1/2194-D1/2 198-E3/433'