b'GAS PIPING SYSTEMS GAS LOAD CENTERThe GAS-FLOGas Load Center is the heart of a great gas piping system.GAS SYSTEM CABINETPART No.DescriptionGF-GLCGas Load Cabinet(25-1/4 h x 4-1/4 d x 16-5/8 w)GF-GLC-BRL Manifold MountingBracket Only.TYPICAL CSST GAS LOAD CENTER INSTALLATION1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.GF-CSSTGFMAN-HD4 Black IronBV5221GF48 Series2 P.S.I.BV2103GF-GLCTube Manifold Fittings Series CSST Regulator Series BallGas Load(Page 230)(Page 232) (Page 20 -22) Ball Valve Fittings (Page 207) Valve Center(Page 158) (Page 231) (Page 152, 158) (Above)The GAS-FLO Manifold (2) offers easy installation for gas 1 supply lines. Used in conjunction with copper tube, black iron pipe, or GAS-FLOCSSTexible gas piping, it provides the homeowner with a top quality gas supply system. This 5 sample display shown has one ball valve (7) which can be used to shut off the main gas supply to the whole system. The 7 individual supply lines can be installed with ball valves (4) so the 2 homeowner can shut off the gas supply to each appliance with ease. Ideally suited for new housing, renovations and retro ts.Check out our GAS-FLO CSST video on line. Gas-Flo Whole Home Gas Systems4 68 3221'