b'BRASS S.A.E. 45 FLARETee TEE SealingTube Ends TubeCapThree Ends Center NutMale PipePART No.TubePART No.Tube 56-41/4PART No.TubePipe44-21/8 56HP-4Heavy Patttern1/445-4A1/41/844-33/16 45-4B1/41/4 56-55/1644-41/4 45-6B3/81/4 56-63/844-55/16 45-6C3/83/8 56-81/244-63/8 45-6D3/81/2 56-105/844-81/2 45-8B1/21/4 56-123/444-105/8 45-8C1/23/844-123/4 45-8D1/21/245-10D5/81/2 Sealing45-12D3/41/245-12E3/43/4 PlugTubePART No. 1 2 Tee 58-41/4Tube 58-55/1658-63/8Three Ends 58-81/24CROSS 58-105/83 Tube 58-123/4REDUCING Four EndsPART No.123 1 244R-643/83/81/444R-683/83/81/2 Copper Flare44R-841/21/21/4 3 Gasket44R-861/21/23/8 PART No.Tube44R-8661/23/83/8 PART No.Tube52-63/844R-8681/23/81/2 52-81/2 59-41/444R-8101/21/25/8 59-63/844R-1065/85/83/8 59-81/244R-1085/85/81/2 59-105/844R-10885/81/21/2 59-123/4HVAC SERVICE KITDesigned for HVAC Gas System MaintenancePART No. FKGF-KIT-1 (Service Kit Selection) Includes a selection of products for the service / maintenance of gas systems.Single sided carry case, with handle.Gas Systems should only be Kit Dimensionsmaintained by Licensed Height: 11.75 In.Technicians. Width: 14.5 In.Depth: 2.375 In.Part No.DescriptionQty. PART No.DescriptionQty. PART No.DescriptionQty.40-63/8 Flare Nut349-8D1/2 Flare to 1/2 Pipe Elbow161-33/16 Compression Nut1040-81/2 Flare Nut256-41/4 Sealing Flare Cap Nut4 61-41/4 Compression Nut1042-63/8 Flare Union256-63/8 Sealing Flare Cap Nut381-4N1/4 Breakaway Pilot Nut1042-81/2 Flare Union256-81/2 Sealing Flare Cap Nut2121-M8ULThread Sealant1 48-6B3/8 Flare to 1/4 Pipe258-41/4 Sealing Flare Plug 4BV5042-63/8 Flare Ball Valve148-6C3/8 Flare to 3/8 Pipe258-63/8 Sealing Flare Plug 3BV5042-81/2 Flare Ball Valve148-6D3/8 Flare to 1/2 Pipe258-81/2 Sealing Flare Plug 2GO100-72Ori ce Repair Adapter1048-8C1/2 Flare to 3/8 Pipe258-105/8 Sealing Flare Plug 2GO3020Pilot Broach Hex Handle3 48-8D1/2 Flare to 1/2 Pipe260-21/8 Compression Sleeve10 TTSG-2Thread Sealant Tube149-6B3/8 Flare to 1/4 Pipe Elbow260-33/16 Compression Sleeve10 PM-GFRB-1 Reference Booklet1 49-6C3/8 Flare to 3/8 Pipe Elbow260-41/4 Compression Sleeve1049-8C1/2 Flare to 3/8 Pipe Elbow161-21/8 Compression Nut104'