b'CLAMPSQUICK RELEASE CLAMPS ONE EAR CLAMPS(With Mechanical Interlock)Select nominal clamp size nearest to but larger than O.D. on which clamp is to be used.Constructed from stainless steel materials for corrosion resis- APPLICATIONS:tance. These clamps feature a unique quick release design that1-Ear clamps are intended for low pressure applications such as automotive allows for quick and easy installation in restricted or dif cult areas.(not fuel lines), appliances, industrial machinery, underground irrigation 5/16 slotted hexagon head and 1/2 wide band. systems and beverage dispensing equipment.APPLICATIONS: SPECIFICATIONS:For applications where clamp must be opened to be applied. Used exten- The standard HC8 series is manufactured from 1008 carbon steel tube and sively in the telecommunications industry on cable enclosures where openthen zinc plated. air applications demand durability. PACKAGING: 25 Piece Bags.PACKAGING: 10 Piece Carton.RangeRangeRangeRangePART No.(IN.)(MM)PART No.(IN.)(MM)HC8-6.350-.4148.9- 10.5LAS-561.00-4.0025 - 101HC8-9.496-.57112.6 - 14.5LAS-722.00-5.0051 - 127HC8-11.549-.66915.1 - 17.0LAS-882.06-6.0052 - 152HC8-12.669-.77917.0 - 19.8LAS-963.50-6.5689 - 166HC8-14.779-.89019.8 - 22.6LAS-1041.75-7.0044 - 178HC8-16.898 - 1.01022.8 - 25.6 LAS-1281.75-8.5644 - 218HC8-17.944 - 1.06724.0 - 27.1LAS-1522.00- 10.0051 - 254HC8-201.122 - 1.24428.5 - 31.6LAS-1882.06- 12.3152 - 313HC8-211.181 - 1.30330.0 - 33.1LAS-248 1.75 - 16.0044 - 406LAS-312 1.88 - 20.0048 - 508CLAMP DISPLAY RACKS FUEL INJECTION HOSE CLAMPSRack & Clamp Packages Are Available See Page 263APPLICATIONS:Clamps are intended for low pressure applications such as automotive fuel injection.T-Bolt Clamp Kit: Contains a Auto Clamp Kits: Contains a Nominalselection of common sizeselection of common size clampsClamp SizeRangeRangeclamps together with our together with our HCR-10-RACK PART No.(IN.)(IN.)(MM)HCR-18-RACK storage rack. storage rack.HC21-41/4.433 - .51211 - 13PART No.PART No.HC21-55/16.512 - .59113 - 15HC3-KIT-1HC6-AUTO-KIT-1 HC21-63/8.551 - .63014 - 16145'