b'CSST FITTINGS & ACCESSORIES CSST is CSA Certi ed to 25 PSIG ANSI LC1 / CSA 6.26 Fuel Gas PipingSystems Using Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube (CSST)Straight Mechanical MPT FittingsMPTPART No.DescriptionSizeGF48-8DMale Straight 1/21/2GF48-12DMale Straight 3/41/2GF48-12EMale Straight 3/43/4GF48-16HMale Straight 11Straight Mechanical FPT FittingsFPTPART No.DescriptionSizeGF46-8DFemale Straight 1/21/2GF46-12EFemale Straight 3/43/4GF46-16HFemale Straight 11Straight Mechanical UnionsCSSTPART No.DescriptionSizeGF42-8Union Coupling1/2GF42-12Union Coupling3/4GF42-16Union Coupling1Mechanical Union TeesCSSTPART No.DescriptionSizeGF44-8Tee Fitting1/2GF44-12Tee Fitting3/4GF44R-128Tee Reducing3/4 To 1/2GF44-16Tee Fitting1GF44R-1612Tee Reducing1 To 3/4Flange Mount FittingsPART No.DescriptionSizeGFFKB-8D1/2 CSST Flange Kit1/2 CSST X 1/2 MPTGFFKB-12E3/4 CSST Flange Kit3/4 CSST X 3/4 MPTGFFKB-16H1 CSST Flange Kit1 CSST X 1 MPT219'