b'GAS GRILL / GAS APPLIANCE OUTLETS AND COMPONENTS CSA 6.24DUAL NATURAL GAS / PROPANE GAS OUTLETSWITH 1/2 QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLERPART No.: NGO-4 Overall Dimensions ofOUTLET COVER measures:7-1/2 H x 4 W x 3-1/8 D HEAVY DUTY 20 GAUGESTAINLESS STEEL OUTLET COVER.1/2 C.S.A. CONVENIENCE OUTLET (VALVE WITH COUPLER). Lockable BRASS ADAPTERS. (Includes Q.D. Nipple for Assembly) OUTLET DUST PLUGS.CoverSTANDOFF SPACERS. LOCKABLE.WEATHER RESISTANT CAUTION LABEL. THERMAL PROTECTION DEVICESHUTS OFF FLOW OF GAS AT +250F, +121CPART No.DescriptionNGO-41/2 Gas Outlet with Stainless CoverNGO-4NB1/2 Gas Outlet Only - No CoverCSA 6.242 LB. NATURAL GAS / PROPANE OUTLETS WITH 3/8 QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLERS HEAVY DUTY 20 GAUGE STAINLESS STEEL OUTLET COVER BRASS ADAPTERS3/8 C.S.A. CONVENIENCE OUTLET (VALVE WITH COUPLER)APPLIANCE ATTACHMENT (NIPPLE) AND DUST PLUG WEATHER RESISTANT CAUTION LABEL 2 LB. TO 7 W.C. GAS REGULATORPART No.:PART No.: NGO-2LB PART No.: NGO-2LB-ABSNG-OUTLET-2LB (Stainless(ABS Plastic High Impact Cover)(Stainless Vertical Cover) Horizontal Cover)Overall Dimensions of Overall Dimensions ofOverall Dimensions of COVER measures: OUTLET COVER measures: OUTLET COVER measures:7-1/4 H x 4 W x 3-1/8 D6 H x 5-1/4 W x 3 D 5-1/2 H x 5-1/2 W x 3-3/4 DTHERMAL PROTECTION DEVICESHUTS OFF FLOW OF GAS AT +250F, +121CPART No.Description NG-OUTLET-2LB2lb SS Vertical Cover - 3/8 Q.D.NG-OUTLET-2LBW2lb SS White Painted Vertical Cover - 3/8 Q.D.NG-OUTLET-2LBLPNG-OUTLET-2LB c/w 2 lb. to 11 wc Propane RegulatorNG-OUTLET-2LBLPW NG-OUTLET-2LBW c/w 2lb. to 11 wc Propane RegulatorNGO-2LB2lb SS Horizontal Cover - 3/8 Q.D.NGO-2LBLP NGO-2LB SS c/w 2 lb. to 11 wc Propane RegulatorNGO-2LB-ABS2lb ABS Plastic High Impact Cover - 3/8 Q.D.NGO-2LBLP-ABS NGO-2LB ABS c/w 2 lb. to 11 wc Propane Regulator*The 2 Lb. Gas System is Governed by the Authorities having Jurisdiction.Users of the 2 Lb. Gas Outlet should consult Applicable Provincial / State and Municipal Laws and Regulations214'