b'BRASS BALL VALVESMINIATURE BALL VALVES CHROME PLATEDBRASS BALL VALVEPIPE PIPEFemale FemaleTo ToFemale FemaleUp to 600 P.S.I. Working Pressure. Up to 450 P.S.I. Working Pressure.Temperature: -40F to +300F ( -40C to 149C) Temperature: 0F to +200F ( -18C to 93C)Non-adjusting O-Ring stem seal design Buna-N O-Ring stem seal.never needs tightening.PART No.PipeW.O.G. PART No.PipeW.O.G.BV3103-A1/8600 BVT3103-A1/8450BV3103-B1/4600 BVT3103-B1/4450BVT3103-C3/8450BVT3103-D1/2450PIPE PIPEFemale FemaleTo ToMale MaleLong life nickel plated brass ball. Up to 450 P.S.I. working pressure.Instantaneous on-off operation. Temperature: 0F to +200F(-18C to 93C)Designed for use with water, oil and air pressure systems. Buna-N O-Ring stem seal.PART No.PipeW.O.G. PART No.PipeW.O.G.BV3120-A1/8600 BVT3120-A1/8450BV3120-B1/4600 BVT3120-B1/4450BVT3120-C3/8450BVT3120-D1/2450FORGED BRASS BALL VALVE - FULL PORTFORGED BODYTUBE TO TUBE Copper LPART No.Size BV2062-101/2BV2062-143/4BV2062-181Lead Free refers to the wetted surface of pipe, Lead Free Part No. ttings andxtures in potable water systemsthat have a weighted average lead content less LF-BV2062-101/2than or equal to 0.25%. LF-BV2062-143/4154'