b'AUTOMOTIVE FITTINGSBRAKE LINE NUT AND ADAPTER KITService Kit Selection: PART No. BLN-KIT-1Fairviews Brake Line Nut and Adapter kit provides the most popular brake linettings all in a light weight compact kit. It is ideal for any shop.Flip-top carry casePART No.DescriptionQty. PART No.DescriptionQty.142-3Union, 3/16 FINV FL10 SE141-3Steel Nut, Euro,3/1610142-4Union, 1/4 FINV FL10 SE141-3-11MMSteel Nut, Euro,3/16,11MM6142-5Union, 5/16 FINV FL4 SE141-3-12MMSteel Nut, Euro,3/16,12MM6142EU-3Union, 3/16, Euro1 SE141-3-13MMSteel Nut, Euro, 3/16,13MM6142JA-3Union, 3/16, Japanese1 SE143-3Adapter, Euro, 3/16 1S141-3Steel Nut, 3/1610 SFL-5-14MMFuel Line Nut, 14MM, GM4S141-3-7/16Steel Nut, 3/16x7/1610 SFL-6-16MMFuel Line Nut, 16MM, GM4S141-3-1/2Steel Nut, 3/16x1/210 SJ141-3Steel Nut,Japanese, 3/165 Kit DimensionsS141-3-9/16Steel Nut, 3/16x9/166 SJ143-3Adapter, Japanese, 3/161 Height:6-7/8 In.S141-4Steel Nut, 1/410 SL141-3Steel Long Nut, 3/1610 Width: 10-3/4 In.S141-4-1/2Steel Nut, 1/4x1/26 SL141-4Steel Long Nut,1/410 Depth: 1-3/4 In.S141-4-9/16Steel Nut, 1/4x9/166 SLJ141-3Long Nut,10MMx1.0, VW/Toy/GM 5S141-5Steel Nut, 5/166SPECIALTY FITTINGSMETRIC POWER THROTTLE INVERTED FLARE REARSTEERING STOPAXLE TEEADAPTERPART No.TubeBoltHoseFemale Inverted WH-1548Flare To PART No.SeatHolePortWH-78053/169/323/8-24Metric M. Thread INVERTED FLARE BRAKE INV. FLARE PART No.TubeThread FITTING TOWEDWH-14463/8M16X1.5 TRAILERBRAKE TEEPART No.Tube Bolt HoleWH-77091/419/32 PART No.TubeFUEL LINE WH-79003/16 ADAPTER INVERTED Male Inverted FLARE GASOLINEFlare To M. Pipe STRAP TEESHUT-OFF ASSEMBLY with FILTERPART No.Hose I.D.PipePART No.TubePipe PART No.TubeBolt Hole WH-66001/41/8WH-1514 1/2-201/8 WH-7812 3/1611/32 (hook)BRASS THREADED SLEEVE TUBE FITTINGS(FOR USE WITH BLT TUBE PAGE 139)CONNECTOR 90 ELBOWTube TubeNUT To ToMale Pipe Male PipePART No.Tube PART No.TubePipe PART No.TubePipe181-21/8 188-2A1/81/8 189-2A1/81/8181-33/16 188-3A3/161/8 189-4A1/41/8181-41/4 188-4A1/41/8188-6B3/81/47'