b'START-UP INDUSTRY PRODUCT ASSORTMENTSNote: Product selections and suggested drawer quantities in these label sets are based on speci ed industry or product groups and cabinet space availability. Cabinets & Product Must Be Purchased Separately.Automotive Assortment for 110 Drawer Cabinet KIT-AUTO-110FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawerPART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty.41-410 64-65 110-BA10 121-B10 149-3A10 1460-610 1474-6C5 SL141-41041-610 66-4A10 110-CA10 121-C10 149-4A10 1460-810 1481-410 WH-14421042-610 66-6B10 110-CB10 121-D10 149-5A5 1460-1010 1481-610 WH-1443548-4A10 68-2A10 110-DA10 121-E5 240-A10 1460-1210 1481-810 WH-1548548-6B10 68-3A10 110-DB10 122-A10 240-B10 1461-410 1481-1010 WH-78181048-6C10 68-4A10 110-DC10 122-B10 241-B2 1461-610 1490-610 WH-78281048-8C5 68-4B10 110-EC5 122-BA10 325-3A10 1461-810 1490-810 WH-78291048-8D5 68-5A10 110-ED5 122-C10 325-4A10 1462-410 1493-6C2 WH-7911549-4A10 68-5B10 112-A10 122-CB10 325-4B10 1462-65 1493-6D2 WH-7936260-220 68-6A10 112-B10 122-D5 325-5A10 1462-85 2103-A2 X100-A1060-320 68-6B10 112-C10 141-310 325-5B10 1462-105 2103-B2 X100-B1060-420 68-6C10 112-D10 141-410 325-6A10 1464-45 2120-A2 X101-A560-620 68-8C5 113-A1-1/210 141-510 325-6B10 1468-4A10 2120-B2 X101-B560-820 68-8D5 113-A210 142-310 325-6C5 1468-4B10 PC1462-45 X101-C560-1010 69-4A10 113-B1-1/210 142-410 325-10C5 1468-4C10 PC1462-65 X101-D261-210 69-6B5 113-B210 142-510 325-10D5 1468-6A10 PC1468-4A5 X106-A561-310 103-A10 113-C210 142-610 325-12D5 1468-6B10 PC1468-4B5 X106-B561-410 103-B10 119-BA10 142EU-310 335-665 1468-6C5 PC1468-6B5 X107-A561-610 103-C10 119-CB10 142JA-35 339-4A5 1468-8C5 PL141-310 X107-B562-210 103-D5 119-DC5 144-310 339-5B5 1468-8D5 PL141-410 X115-A1062-310 108-A10 120-AA10 144-45 339-6B5 1469-4A10 PL141-510 X115-B1062-410 108-B10 120-BA10 148-3A10 481-410 1469-4B10 PL141-610 X115-C1062-510 108-C10 120-BB10 148-4A10 481-4H10 1469-6B10 S141-310 X115-D562-610 109-A10 120-CB10 148-4B10 481-510 1469-6C5 S141-410 X124-A1062-810 109-B10 120-CC10 148-5A10 481-610 1469-8B5 S141-510 X124-B1062-105 109-C10 120-DC10 148-5B10 481-810 1469-8C5 S141-610 X124-C1064-45 109-D10 121-A10 148-6B10 1460-410 1472-4A5 SL141-325 LAB-AUTO-1101Industrial Distributor Assortment for 110 Drawer Cabinet KIT-INDUST-110FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawerPART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty. PART No.Qty.41-410 61-210 103-B10 112-A10 120-BA10 125-4B10 193-810 QD-WHCF241-510 61-310 103-C10 112-B10 120-BB10 125-4C10 193-1010 QD-WHNM241-610 61-410 103-D5 112-C10 120-CB10 125-4D5 193-125 X100-A1042-410 61-610 103-E5 112-D10 120-CC10 125-5B10 194-D5 X100-B1042-610 61-810 108-A10 112-E5 120-DB5 125-6A10 195-810 X101-A1042-810 62-310 108-B10 113-A1-1/210 120-DC10 125-6B10 195-1010 X101-B1048-4A10 62-410 108-C10 113-A210 120-ED5 125-6C10 195-125 X101-C548-4B10 62-510 108-D5 113-A310 121-A10 125-6D5 196-D5 X101-D248-5B5 62-610 108-E5 113-B1-1/210 121-B10 125-8B10 196-E5 X107-A1048-6B10 62-85 109-A10 113-B210 121-C10 125-8C10 196-W5 X107-B1048-6C10 62-105 109-B10 113-B2-1/210 121-D10 125-8D5 197-D5 X107-C548-8C10 66-4A10 109-C10 116-A10 121-E5 125-10C5 197-E5 X115-A1048-8D5 66-4B10 109-D10 116-B10 122-A10 125-10D5 199S-D5 X115-B1048-10D5 68-3A10 109-E5 116-C5 122-B10 125-12D5 199S-E5 X115-C1049-4A10 68-4A10 110-BA10 116-D2 122-BA10 125-12E5 200-HKC5 X115-D549-4B10 68-4B10 110-CA10 118-A10 122-C10 125-16E2 200-W10 X124-A1049-6B10 68-6B10 110-CB10 118-B10 122-CB10 125-16H2 480-420 X124-B1049-6C10 68-6C10 110-DA10 118-C10 122-D5 129-310 480-620 X124-C1060-220 68-6D5 110-DB10 118-D10 122-DB5 129-410 480-820 X124-D560-320 68-8D5 110-DC10 119-BA10 122-DC5 129-510 481-420 LAB-INDUST-110160-420 69-4A10 110-EB5 119-CB10 122-E5 129-610 481-4H1060-620 69-4B10 110-EC5 119-DB5 125-2A10 129-810 481-62060-820 69-6B10 110-ED5 119-DC5 125-3B10 129-105 481-82060-1010 103-A10 110-HE5 120-AA10 125-4A10 129-125 GHW10Truck & Trailer Assortment for 110 Drawer Cabinet KIT-TRUCK-110FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawer FairviewDrawerPART No.Qty. PART No.Qty.PART No.Qty.PART No.Qty.PART No.Qty.PART No.Qty.PART No.Qty.PART No.Qty. 103-A10 120-CC10 240-B10 1468-4B10 1472-6B5 1492-8D2 PC1468-6C5 X107-A10103-B10 120-DC10 1460-410 1468-6A10 1472-6C5 1492-8S2 PC1468-8C5 X107-B10103-C10 120-ED5 1460-610 1468-6B10 1474-4A10 1493-6B2 PC1469SW-4A5 X107-C5103-D10 121-A10 1460-810 1468-6C10 1474-6B10 1493-6C2 PC1469SW-4B5 X107-D2110-BA10 121-B10 1460-1010 1468-6D10 1474-6C10 1493-6D2 PC1469SW-6B5 X115-A10110-CA10 121-C10 1460-1210 1468-8B10 1474-8C5 1493-8C2 PC1469SW-6C5 X115-B10110-CB10 121-D10 1461-410 1468-8C10 1481-410 1493-8D2 PC1469SW-8C5 X115-C10110-DB10 121-E10 1461-610 1468-8D10 1481-610 1496-DC2 PC1471SW-6B5 X115-D5110-DC10 122-A10 1461-810 1468-10D5 1481-810 4134-6C10 PC1471SW-6C5 X124-A10110-ED5 122-B10 1461-1010 1469-4A10 1481-1010 PC1462-45 PC1474-4A5 X124-B10112-A10 122-BA10 1461-1210 1469-4B10 1481-1210 PC1462-65 PC1474-6B5 X124-C10112-B10 122-C10 1462-410 1469-6B10 1490-610 PC1462-85 PC1474-8C5 X124-D5118-A10 122-CB10 1462-610 1469-6C10 1490-810 PC1464-45 X100-B10 LAB-TRUCK-110 118-B10 122-D10 1462-85 1469-6D5 1491-610 PC1464-65 X100-C10118-C10 122-DB10 1462-105 1469-8C5 1491-810 PC1464-85 X101-A10118-D10 122-DC10 1462-125 1469-8D5 1492-6B5 PC1468-4A5 X101-B5120-AA10 125-4B10 1464-410 1469-10D5 1492-6C5 PC1468-4B5 X101-C5120-BA10 125-6B10 1464-65 1471-6B5 1492-6D5 PC1468-4C5 X101-D2120-BB10 125-8C10 1464-85 1471-6C5 1492-6S2 PC1468-6A5 X106-B5120-CB10 125-10D5 1468-4A10 1471-8C5 1492-8C2 PC1468-6B5 X106-C5256'