b'SPECIALTY HOSE ASSEMBLIESNYLON GREASE WHIPS RUBBER GREASE WHIPS3/16 I.D. Thermoplastic,ber reinforced hose with 1/8 steel male pipeThese assemblies are manufactured from 3/16 I.D. S.A.E. 100R1 rubber couplings.This hose combines the best features of conventional rubber hosehose.The one braid hose is permanently crimped with 1/8 brass male pipe with the unique advantages of synthetic materials. couplings on both ends.WorkingBurstWorkingBurst LengthPressurePressureLengthPressurePressure PART No.(IN.)(P.S.I.) (PSI)PART No.(IN.)(P.S.I.) (PSI) GWR-3-12123,00012,000GWN-3-12123,00012,000 GWR-3-18183,00012,000GWR-3-24243,00012,000GWN-3-18183,00012,000 GWR-3-28283,00012,000GWN-3-24243,00012,000 GWR-3-36363,00012,000GWR-3-48483,00012,000Available packaged, suf x PART No. with the letter P GWR-3-54543,00012,000GWR-3-60603,00012,000GWR-3-72723,00012,000GWR-3-84843,00012,000GWR-3-96963,00012,000GWR-3-1321323,00012,000D.O.T. AIR SHIFT TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLIES GWR-3-1441443,00012,000Available packaged, suf x PART No. with the letter PFIFTH WHEEL SLIDER ASSEMBLYMale Pipe Male Pipe Male PipeThread ThreadMale PipeLIVE SWIVEL END Thread(Still swivels once connected)MEETS: S.A.E. J884D TYPE 3AD.O.T.F.M.V.S.S. 106 COLOR:Black TEMPERATURE: -40F to +200F, -40C to +93CSwivelMaleHose I.D. LengthFITTINGS: Brass male pipe each end.PART No.PipePipe(IN.)(IN.) Complete Kit see below2815-4-21/81/81/415 Fifth Wheel Cylinder (Page 234)2831-4-21/81/81/4312832-4-21/81/81/432 WorkingPigtailMale2834-4-21/81/81/434LengthTube O.D.LengthPipe2836-4-21/81/81/436PART No.(IN.)(IN.)(IN.)EndsOTHER LENGTHS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST 1486S-4-10701/441/4OTHER LENGTHS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST AIR SEAT GUN SPLICER KIT FIFTH WHEEL SLIDER KITPART No. ASGK-1 PART No. FWSK-1Simply splice the air seat line with the push-to-connectDesigned for use on slidingfth wheels, this kit tee end of the assembly. This handy kit features anincludes most everything you need to complete the industrial air gun for cleaning out the cab on site. connections.Kit Includes: Kit Includes: 70 Working Length of 1/4 O.D. S.A.E. J844-A70 Working Length of 1/4 O.D. S.A.E. -J844-Acoiled air tube. coiled air tube. One brass male pipe.Brass male pipe each end. Two spring guard hose end protectors.Spring guard hose end protectors. Push-to-connect splicer tee.90 brass adapter elbow.(No tools required)Frame mounting terminal bolt. Chrome plated, lever handle air gun.104'