b'NYLON TUBENATURAL(OPAQUE)100 FOT.COILSNylon tube has high mechanical properties, extremely high pressureTYPE 6(SEMI-RIGID)rating and a wide temperature range.The loss of mechanical strength at elevated temperatures is much less than with other typesWorkingof plastic tube.It retains itsexibility at sub-zero temperatures. Tube O.D.Actual I.D.WallPressurePART No.(IN.)(IN.)ThicknessP.S.I.486-2-1001/8.094.0155600Nylon tube is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, fungus and corrosion486-2-1/2-1005/32.106.0250530resistant, readily sterilized in steam or boiling water. 486-3-1003/16.137.0255530486-4-1001/4.180.0350430This tube has excellent chemical resistance being unaffected by486-5-1005/16.232.0405400gasoline, oils, greases, and organic solvents. 486-6-1003/8.275.0500400486-8-1001/2.375.0625340Lighter than metal, nylon tube makes for ease in handling and installing.Used with nylonttings, it provides a completely corrosion resistant tube system.This tube is not recommended for use withTYPE 11 (FLEXIBLE)strong mineral acids, strong oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, bleach solutions, phenols and creosols. WorkingTube O.D.Actual I.D.WallPressureDark colors have a better U.V. resistance for outdoor applications PART No.(IN.)(IN.)ThicknessP.S.I.485-2-1001/8.091.0155595485-2-1/2-1005/32.106.0250530 PACKAGING: 100 FT COILS 485-3-1003/16.137.0255530NOTE:Reels are available (Minimum run quantities apply) 485-4-1001/4.180.0350430485-5-1005/16.232.0405400 TEMPERATURE:-50F to +180F,-45C to +82C 485-6-1003/8.275.0500400485-8-1001/2.375.0625340 FITTINGS: 260 Series (Page 10) PC Series (Page 14 - 15) colors quoted on request TYPE 11 (HEAVY WALL) Stocked in natural colors (OPAQUE) WorkingTube O.D.Actual I.D.WallPressurePART No.(IN.)(IN.)ThicknessP.S.I.NOTE: 487-2-1001/8.078.0235680THE WORKING PRESSURES LISTED FOR THIS TUBE IS RATED AT +70F,+21C. ANY487-4-1001/4.170.0400460AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE ABOVE LISTED487-6-1003/8.275.0500460WORKING PRESSURES.Colors quotedon request.Minimums apply.133'