b'BRASS COMPRESSION FITTINGSCONNECTORSTANDARD Tube ToSLEEVE CAP Female PipePART No.TubePipePART No.Tube PART No.Tube 66-2A1/81/860-21/8 61CAP-41/4 66-3A3/161/860-2-1/25/32 61CAP-63/8 66-4A1/41/860-33/16 61CAP-81/2 66-4B1/41/460-41/4 61CAP-105/8 66-4C1/43/860-55/16 66-4D1/41/260-63/8 Lead Free 66-5A5/161/860-77/16 Part No. 66-5B5/161/460-81/2 LF-61CAP-41/4 66-6A3/81/860-105/8 66-6B3/81/460-123/4 66-6C3/83/860-147/8 66-6D3/81/266-8C1/23/8Lead Free 66-8D1/21/2LONG 66-8E1/23/4Part No. NUT 66-10C5/83/8LF-60-33/16 66-10D5/81/2LF-60-41/4 66-10E5/83/4LF-60-55/16 PART No.Tube 66-12D3/41/2LF-60-63/8 161-63/8 66-12E3/43/4LF-60-81/2 161-105/8 66-14E7/83/4LF-60-105/8LF-60-123/4 LONG NUTS PROVIDE EXTRA TUBE SUPPORT WHENLead FreeLF-60-147/8 SEVERE VIBRATION IS A FACTOR. Part No.LF-66-4A1/41/8LF-66-4B1/41/4LF-66-6B3/81/4IN-LINE LF-66-6C3/83/8SLEEVE UNION LF-66-6D3/81/2COUPLING LF-66-8C1/23/8LF-66-8D1/21/2LF-66-10D5/81/2PART No.Tube260-21/8 PART No.Tube260-33/16 62-21/8260-41/4 62-2-1/25/32260-55/16 62-33/16260-63/8 62-41/4260-81/2 62-55/16THIS SLEEVE IS FOR USE WITH NYLON TUBE62-63/8SEALINGFEATURED ON PAGE 133. 62-81/2 PLUG62-105/862-123/462-147/8Lead Free PART No.TubePart No. 67-41/4STANDARD LF-62-21/8NUT LF-62-33/16LF-62-41/4LF-62-55/16 USED TO PLUG 1/4 O.D. TUBEPART No.Tube LF-62-63/861-21/8 LF-62-81/261-2-1/25/32 LF-62-105/861-33/16 LF-62-123/461-41/4 LF-62-147/861-55/1661-63/8 Reducing Lead Free refers to the61-77/16 62R-421/4 to 1/861-81/2 62R-431/4 to 3/1661-105/8 62R-545/16 to 1/4 wetted surface of pipe,ttings and 61-123/4 62R-643/8 to 1/461-147/8 62R-653/8 to 5/1662R-861/2 to 3/8xtures in potable water systems Lead Free 62R-1065/8 to 3/8Part No. 62R-1085/8 to 1/2LF-61-33/16 that have a weighted average lead LF-61-41/4 Lead FreeLF-61-55/16 Part No.LF-61-63/8 LF-62R-643/8 to 1/4 content less thanLF-61-81/2 LF-62R-653/8 to 5/16LF-61-105/8 LF-62R-861/2 to 3/8LF-61-123/4 LF-62R-1065/8 to 3/8 or equal to 0.25%.LF-61-147/8 LF-62R-1085/8 to 1/210'