b'GAS APPLIANCE AND LINE PRESSURE REGULATORSGAS APPLIANCE REGULATORCSA DESIGN CERTIFIED Z21.18 - CSA 6.3 / Z21.80 - CSA 6.22The GR-200 series regulators are intended for main burner and pilot applications and are CSA certi ed for both Indoor and Outdoor use (with included vent limiter). CSA Certi ed as both an appliance and a line regulator, the GR-200 series regulators feature an aluminum die cast body and precise regulating control.Speci cations Maximum Load Capacity:CSA Certi ed ANSI Z21.80 / CSA 6.22For main burner and pilot applications:CSA Certi ed ANSI Z21.18 / CSA 6.3 GR-207VL 65,000 Btu/HrNatural GasCSA Certi ed Indoor/Outdoor Application GR-211VL 100,000 Btu/HrLP GasAluminum Die Cast Ambient Temperature Limits Gases: Natural Gas or LP Gas-40F To +205F, -40C To +96CInletOutletInletOutletVentConnectionConnectionPressurePressure LimiterPART No. GR-207VL3/8 FPT3/8 FPT2 P.S.I.7 w.c.Included GR-211VL3/8 FPT3/8 FPT2 P.S.I.11 w.c.IncludedPOPPET STYLE GAS REGULATORCSA DESIGN CERTIFIED Z21.18 - CSA 6.3The MX-RV47 features a Rubber Seat Poppet Design. These compact poppet regulators are designed primarily for main burner and pilot load applications. Typical applications include residential and commercial cooking appliances, barbecues, hearth products, and pilot lines. Rubber seat poppet models offer the ultimate in design features and performance capabilities to meet your speci c appliance or utility requirements: Flow Rate125,000 BTUPipe Sizes1/2Housing MaterialAluminum.MountingSuitable for multi-positional mounting.Other than upright position will result in a slight difference in outlet pressure. Certi cationsANSI Z21.18/CSA 6.3 Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators.Gas Types (RV Series)Suitable for natural, manufactured, mixed gases, lique ed petroleum gases, and LP gas-air mixtures.Maximum Inlet Pressure.1/2 psi (3.4 kPa)Emergency Exposure Limits.2.5 psi (17.2 kPa)Ambient Temperature Limits 32 to 225F (0 to 107C)Minimum Regulation.Suitable for pilotow applications.InletOutletInletOutletVent PART No.ConnectionConnectionPressurePressureLimiterMX-RV47L1/2 FPT1/2 FPT1/2 P.S.I.7 w.c.Included208'