b'DRAIN COCKS AND VALVESBACK SEATING TYPE BACK SEATING BACKTYPE WITH SEATINGEXTENSION TYPE OUTLET Working WorkingPressure PressurePART No.Pipe(P.S.I.) PART No.Pipe(P.S.I.)239-B1/4 Designed for 240-A1/8Designed for240-B1/4ConstantConstantPressure use 240-C3/8Pressure usebetween 20 240-D1/2between 15and 150 PSI and 150 PSINEEDLE SEAT TYPENEEDLE SEAT 90 ELBOWONE PIECE NEEDLE SHUT-OFFPLUG SEAT WITHAND HANDLE SPOUT Working Working WorkingPressure Pressure PressurePART No.Pipe(P.S.I.) PART No.Pipe(P.S.I.) PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe(P.S.I.)242-A1/8200 243-A1/8Designed for 245-A1/41/850242-B1/4200 243-B1/4Constant 245-B3/81/450242-C3/8200 243-C3/8 Pressure usebetween 15and 150 PSI167'