b'STEEL ONE PIECE CRIMP HOSE ENDS(NON-SKIVE/COMPRESSION)USE WITH S.A.E. 100R1-AT, 100R2-AT, T1SN, T2SN, 100R3, 100R4, 100R16 AND100R17 HOSE (Pages 105 - 107, 111- 112)I TEMSS HOWN AREI NTERCHANGEABLE WITHW EATHERHEADU S ERIESC OUPLINGS .(T HEY AREF AIRVIEWE QUIVALENTS AND ARENOT W EATHERHEADO RIGINALP RODUCT .)FemaleS.A.E. 45Male Pipe N.P.S.M. Pipe Inverted Flare(Swivel) (Swivel)PART No.Hose I.D.PipeSC625-4A1/41/8 PART No.Hose I.D.TubeSC625-4B1/41/4 PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe SC635-441/41/4SC625-4C1/43/8 SC626SW-4B1/41/4 SC635-653/85/16SC625-4D1/41/2 SC626SW-6C3/83/8 SC635-663/83/8SC625-6B3/81/4 SC626SW-6D3/81/2 SC635-881/21/2SC625-6C3/83/8 SC626SW-8D1/21/2SC625-6D3/81/2 SC626SW-12E3/43/4SC625-8C1/23/8 SC626SW-16H11SC625-8D1/21/2SC625-8E1/23/4 MaleSC625-10D5/81/2 O-RingSC625-10E5/83/4 BossSC625-12D3/41/2SC625-12E3/43/4SC625-12H3/41 FemalePART No.Hose I.D.O-RingSC625-16E13/4 (Grease Tap) SC643-663/89/16 - 18SC625-16H11 SC643-683/83/4 - 16SC625-20J1-1/41-1/4 SC643-6103/87/8 - 14SC643-881/23/4 - 16PART No.Hose I.D.Thread SC643-8101/27/8 - 14Male Pipe SC626GT-4A1/41/2 - 27 SC643-12123/41-1/16 - 12(Working Swivel)PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe MaleSC625SW-4B1/41/4 O-Ring BossSC625SW-6B3/81/4 S.A.E. 37 (Swivel)SC625SW-6C3/83/8 Female FlareSC625SW-6D3/81/2 (Swivel)SC625SW-8D1/21/2 PART No.Hose I.D.O-RingSC625SW-12E3/43/4 SC643SW-68 3/83/4 - 16SC625SW-16H11 SC643SW-88 1/23/4 - 16PART No.Hose I.D.Tube SC643SW-8101/27/8 - 14SC638-44 1/41/4SC638-45 1/45/16Female SC638-46 1/43/8Pipe SC638-64 3/81/4SC638-66 3/83/8 MaleSC638-68 3/81/2 O-Ring Face PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe SC638-6103/85/8 SealSC626-4A1/41/8 SC638-86 1/23/8SC626-4B1/41/4 SC638-88 1/21/2SC626-6B3/81/4 SC638-810 1/25/8 PART No.Hose I.D.ORFSSC626-6C3/83/8 SC638-812 1/23/4 SC653-66 3/811/16 - 16SC626-8D1/21/2 SC638-1010 5/85/8 SC653-68 3/813/16 - 16SC638-1012 5/83/4 SC653-88 1/213/16 - 16SC638-1210 3/45/8 SC653-810 1/21 - 14SC638-1212 3/43/4S.A.E. 37 SC638-1214 3/47/8Male Flare SC638-1216 3/41SC638-1616 11 Female PART No.Hose I.D.Tube SC638-2020 1-1/41-1/4 O-Ring Face SC637-441/41/4 SealSC637-451/45/16 (Swivel)SC637-461/43/8SC637-663/83/8SC637-683/81/2 PART No.Hose I.D. ORFSSC637-6103/85/8 SC658-441/49/16 - 18SC637-881/21/2 S.A.E. 45SC658-461/411/16 - 16SC637-8101/25/8 Female Flare SC658-663/811/16 - 16SC637-8121/23/4 (Swivel) SC658-683/813/16 - 16SC637-1085/81/2 SC658-881/213/16 - 16SC637-10105/85/8 SC658-8101/21 - 14SC637-10125/83/4 SC658-10105/81 - 14SC637-12123/43/4 PART No.Hose I.D.Tube SC658-12123/41-3/16 - 12SC637-12163/41 SC628-663/83/8 SC658-16161 1-7/16 - 12SC637-161611 SC628-12123/43/465'