b'S.A.E. HYDRAULIC HOSEHIGH PRESSURE HOSEFor high pressure hydraulic service in the handling of most hydraulicuids, diesel fuels, water and lubricating oils.Not suitable for use with phosphate esters. CONSTRUCTION:Four spirals of high tensile steel wire. TUBE: Oil and heat-resistant synthetic rubber. COVER: MSHA approvedre-resistant, abrasion, ozone, oil and weatherresistant synthetic rubber cover. TEMPERATURE: -40F to +248F, -40C to +121CS.A.E. 100R12PACKAGING: CoilsFITTINGS: SCT900MS Bite-To-The-Wire (Page 69)EN856 4SN * S.A.E. WORKING PRESSURES SHOWNFOUR SPIRAL WIREEXTRA FLEXIBLE VERSION AVAIABLE:Change PART No. to HRA12EFMinimum runs apply. LOW TEMPERATURE: -67F to +200F, -55C to +93C AvailableChange PART No. to HRA12LTMinimum runs apply. * WorkingMin. BurstMin. BendApprox.Coil Actual I.D.Hose O.D.PressurePressureRadiusWgt. / Ft.LengthsPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)(P.S.I.)(IN.)(LBS.)(FT.)HRA12-81/2 .9374,06016,2407.09.504148HRA12-123/41.1974,06016,2409.45.726148HRA12-1611.4764,06016,24011.811.115148HRA12-201-1/41.8503,05012,18016.531.619148 HRA12-241-1/22.1062,54010,15019.701.848148LOW TEMPERATURE HIGH PRESSURE HOSEFor hydraulic service in the handling of most hydraulicuids, gasoline,diesel fuels lubricating oils and water.Not suitable with phosphate esters. CONSTRUCTION: Two Plies of Steel Wire Braid. TUBE: Oil and Heat-Resistant Synthetic Rubber Inner Tube COVER: Oil, weather andame-resistant M.S.H.A.Approved synthetic rubber cover. COLOUR: Black LOW TEMPERATURE: -67F to +260F, -55C to +127C PACKAGING: For Reel Lengths see below.EXTREMELY FLEXIBLEFITTINGS: SC900 Bite-To-The-Wire (Page 67 - 68)S.A.E. 100R16 / DIN 2SC Fairview recommends the use of Bite-To-The-Wirettings onlyTWO WIRE BRAID for our Low Temperature 100R16 hose. WorkingMin. BurstMin. BendApprox.Reel Actual I.D.Hose O.D.PressurePressureRadiusWgt. / Ft.LengthsPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)(P.S.I.)(IN.)(LBS.)(FT.)HR16LT-4-REEL1/4.536,50026,0002.00.22 lbs.328HR16LT-6-REEL3/8.695,30021,2002.50.29 lbs.328HR16LT-8-REEL1/2.814,50018,0003.50.39 lbs.328HR16LT-10-REEL5/8.934,00016,0004.00.44 lbs.250HR16LT-12-REEL3/41.103,50014,0004.75.53 lbs.164HR16LT-16-REEL11.423,00012,0006.00.72 lbs.164111'