b'AIR BRAKE TUBE D.O.T. 132TUBE ALUMINUM TUBE .139BRAKE LINE ASSEMBLIES - STEEL .140ALUMINUM - COPPER - NYLON COPPER TUBE 137 - 138FUEL LINE - CLEAR TUBE134POLY - STEEL GAS PIGTAILS AND HOGTAILS (COPPER) 136NYLON TUBE 133POLYETHYLENE TUBE 135POLYURETHANE (FUEL LINE) TUBE .134P.V.C. - CLEAR TUBE134STEEL TUBE (S.A.E. 527) 139STEEL BRAKE LINE ASSEMBLIES140TAPE - PIPE LINE IDENTIFICATION 137Note:Use of Fairview Hose and Tube withother than Fairview originalrecommendedttings, may voidwarranty. Verify with a Fairview representative prior to installation.'