b'S.A.E. - J318 GLADHANDSGH SERIES (Standard Style) GHM SERIES(Rear & Bottom Mounting)GH SERIES WITH STANDARD SEAL PART No.Pipe SizeTypeColor CodeGHU1/2 FPTUniversal-GHE1/2 FPTEmergencyRedGHS1/2 FPTServiceBlue (Plug & Gasket Included)GH SERIES WITH SCREEN SEALPART No.Pipe SizeTypeColor CodePART No.Pipe SizeTypeColor Code GHM-E 3/8 FPTEmergencyRedGHU-SC1/2 FPTUniversal- GHM-S3/8 FPTServiceBlueGHE-SC1/2 FPTEmergencyRedGHS-SC1/2 FPTServiceBlueGHM SERIES WITH SCREEN SEALGH SERIES WITH UMBRELLA SEAL PART No.Pipe SizeTypeColor CodeGHM-E-SC3/8 FPTEmergencyRedPART No.Pipe SizeTypeColor Code GHM-S-SC3/8 FPTServiceBlueGHU-21/2 FPTUniversal-GHE-21/2 FPTEmergencyRedGHS-21/2 FPTServiceBlueREPLACEMENT SEALS SWING AWAY GLADHANDSGH-SEAL WITH SCREEN UMBRELLASTANDARD SEAL ROTATES A FULL 180PART No.TypeColor Code (Coupled With Paci er)GH-SEALRubberBlackGH-SEAL-2Rubber Umbrella SealBlackGHE-SEALPolyurethaneRed PART No.Pipe SizeType Color CodeGHE-SEAL-SCPolyurethane with ScreenRed GHU-SW3/8 FPTSwing Away-GHS-SEALPolyurethaneBlue GHE-SW3/8 FPTSwing AwayRedGHS-SEAL-SCPolyurethane with ScreenBlue GHS-SW3/8 FPTSwing AwayBlue170'