b'SILICONE HEATER HOSERecommended for extra high-temp heater connections,air-pump discharge and any similar uses. MEETS: S.A.E. 20R3 Class A (Tested To J20E PART VI) COLOR: Blue TEMPERATURE: -65F to +350F, -54C to +177CS.A.E. 20R3 CLASS APACKAGING: 50 Foot Coils FITTINGS: Hose Barbs (Page 58 - 59)Min. BurstCLAMPS: Page 142Actual I.D.Hose O.D.PressurePART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.) NOTEWORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT HHS-6-503/8.707310 OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN HHS-8-501/2.875310 TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE HHS-10-505/81.00300 WORKING PRESSURE.HHS-12-503/41.125300HHS-14-507/81.25200HHS-16-5011.375250TRUCK SILICONE COOLANT HOSE4 Ply silicone coolant hose reinforced with polyester fabric and coated with specially compounded silicone elastomer. Ideal for extreme temperatures and various pressure ranges. MEETS OR EXCEEDS: S.A.E. J20 R1 Class A COLOR: Blue TEMPERATURES:-65F to +350F, -54C to +177CS.A.E. J20 R1 CLASS APACKAGING:4 Foot Lengths(Eg. FOR 8 FT. ORDER 2 PCS.) CLAMPS: Page 142Working WorkingActual I.D.Hose O.D.Pressure Actual I.D.Hose O.D.PressurePART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.) PART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)CHS-12-43/41.1480 CHS-36-42-1/42.6440CHS-14-47/81.2780 CHS-38-42-3/82.7740CHS-16-411.3775 CHS-40-42-1/22.8935CHS-20-41-1/41.6465 CHS-42-42-5/83.0035CHS-22-41-3/81.7765 CHS-44-42-3/43.1430CHS-24-41-1/21.8960 CHS-46-42-7/83.2530 NOTECHS-26-41-5/82.0260 CHS-48-433.3925 WORKING PRESSURE RATED CHS-28-41-3/42.1455 CHS-52-43-1/43.6425 AT +70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN CHS-32-422.3750 CHS-56-43-1/23.8915 TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE CHS-64-444.3710 WORKING PRESSURE.TRUCK SILICONE TURBO CHARGER CONNECTORRecommended for extra high-temp turbo charger connections. 4-PLY Silicone coated fabric with stainless steel retention rings. COLOR: ORANGE TEMPERATURE: -65FTO+500 F,-54 C to +260C PACKAGING: Per Piece CLAMPS: HC19 & HC20 (Page 144)TCS2 TCS3Actual I.D.LengthW.P. NOTEPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.) WORKING PRESSURE RATED Actual I.D.LengthW.P. AT +70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT PART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.) TCS3-48-63660 OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TCS2-64-64655 TCS3-56-63-1/2655 TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE TCS3-64-64650 WORKING PRESSURE.TCS2-72-64-1/2650TCS3-64-84850TCS3-72-64-1/2645101'