b'CHECK VALVESCARBON STEEL BRASS LOW PRESSURE CHECK250 P.S.I. non-shock cold water. This check valve design is safe,Forged brass construction for greater compact, suitable to any hydraulic strength. May be installed horizontally application using non-corrosiveor vertically. Less than 1 P.S.I. crack-liquids. Also available with SAEing pressure.threads, or with 65 PSI crack(This valve is intended for use with air pressure. and water only) Temperature: -20F to +100F(-29C to 38C)COUPLING STYLE CHECK VALVE COUPLING STYLE CHECK VALVEFemaleWorkingCRACK FemaleMAX.PART No.PipeP.S.I.P.S.I PART No.PipeP.S.I.SCV1003-A1/850005 PSI 103CV-C3/8250SCV1003-B1/450005 PSI 103CV-D1/2250SCV1003-C3/850005 PSI 103CV-E3/4250SCV1003-D1/240005 PSI 103CV-H1250SCV1003-E3/440005 PSI 103CV-J1-1/4250103CV-K1-1/2250BRASS HIGH PRESSURE BRONZE SWING CHECK VALVE3000 P.S.I. Positive check valve. Stainless steel poppet and spring,SWING CHECKviton seal - Less than 1 P.S.I. crackingFEMALE PIPEpressure. Maxi-Flow Check Valves used in applications where backowHEX HEADis not permitted. Can be used in air oruid applications (This valve is intended for use with air and water only). Install valve so thatow is in theFemaledirection of the arrow on the part. PART No.PipeW.S.P.C.W.P.293-C3/8150300COUPLING STYLE CHECK VALVE 293-D1/2150300293-E3/4150300FemaleMAX. 293-H1150300PART No.PipeP.S.I. 293-J1-1/4150300103CV-B-30001/43000 293-K1-1/2150300103CV-C-30003/83000 ALLOWS FLOW IN ONE DIRECTION ONLYSTEEL ONE WAY VALVE BRASS Y CHECK VALVEPrecision engineered and manufac-tured to provide optimum perfor- Y VALVEmance for each speci ed application.FEMALE PIPESteel construction for years of dependable operation. Less than 1HEX HEADP.S.I. cracking pressure.ALLOWS FLOW IN ONE DIRECTION ONLYFemale ALLOWS FLOW IN ONE DIRECTION ONLY PART No.PipeW.S.P.W.O.G.298-D1/2125200MAX. 298-E3/4125200PART No.PipePSI 298-H1125200CV1-B1/4135 298-J1-1/4125200CV1-C3/8135 298-K1-1/2125200CV1-D1/2135 298-M2125200169'