b'BRASS COMPRESSION FITTINGSCONNECTOR BULKHEAD 90 ELBOWTube To UNION Tube ToMale Pipe Male PipePART No.TubePART No.TubePipe 77-41/468-2-11/81/16 77-63/868-2A1/81/868-2-1/2A5/321/8 PART No.TubePipe68-3A3/161/8 69-2A1/81/868-3B3/161/4 45 ELBOW 69-2-1/2A5/321/868-4A1/41/868-4B1/41/4 Tube To 69-3A3/161/868-4C1/43/8 Male Pipe 69-3B3/161/468-4D1/41/2 69-4A1/41/868-5A5/161/8 PART No.TubePipe 69-4B1/41/468-5B5/161/4 74-3A3/161/8 69-4C1/43/868-5C5/163/8 74-4A1/41/8 69-4D1/41/268-6A3/81/8 74-4B1/41/4 69-5A5/161/868-6B3/81/4 74-6B3/81/468-6C3/83/8 69-5B5/161/474-8C1/23/868-6D3/81/2 74-8D1/21/2 69-5C5/163/868-6E3/83/4 74-10D5/81/2 69-6A3/81/868-8B1/21/4 69-6B3/81/468-8C1/23/8 69-6C3/83/868-8D1/21/268-8E1/23/4 69-6D3/81/268-10C5/83/8 69-6E3/83/468-10D5/81/2 90 ELBOW 69-7B7/161/468-10E5/83/4 69-8B1/21/468-12D3/41/2 Tube 69-8C1/23/868-12E3/43/4 To Tube68-14E7/83/4 69-8D1/21/269-8E1/23/4Lead Free PART No.Tube69-10C5/83/8Part No. 65-21/8 69-10D5/81/2LF-68-2A 1/81/8 65-33/16 69-10E5/83/4LF-68-3A3/161/8 65-41/4 69-12D3/41/2LF-68-4A1/41/8 65-55/16LF-68-4B 1/41/4 65-63/8 69-12E3/43/4LF-68-4C 1/43/8 65-81/2 69-14E7/83/4LF-68-4D 1/41/2 65-105/8LF-68-5B 5/161/4 65-123/4 Lead FreeLF-68-5C5/163/8 65-147/8 Part No.LF-68-6A 3/81/8LF-68-6B 3/81/4 Reducing LF-69-4A1/41/8LF-68-6C 3/83/8 65R-861/2 to 3/8 LF-69-4B1/41/4LF-68-6D 3/81/2 LF-69-4C1/43/8LF-68-6E 3/83/4 Lead Free LF-69-6B3/81/4LF-68-8B 1/21/4 Part No. LF-69-6C3/83/8LF-68-8C 1/23/8 LF-65-4 1/4LF-68-8D 1/21/2 LF-65-6 3/8 LF-69-6D3/81/2LF-68-10C 5/83/8 LF-65-8 1/2 LF-69-8C1/23/8LF-68-10D 5/81/2 LF-65-10 5/8 LF-69-8D1/21/2LF-68-12E 3/43/4LF-68-14E 7/83/4The compression connection is a three-piece assembly that consists TANK FITTING 90 ELBOWTube To Tube To of a cap-shaped nut with female Male Pipe Female Pipe threads, a compression sleeve PART No.TubePipe that looks like a simple wedding PART No.TubePipe 70-3A3/161/8T68-2A1/81/8 70-4A1/41/8 ring and a seat section with male T68-3A3/161/8 70-4B1/41/4T68-3B3/161/4 threads. The cap nut and the seat T68-4A1/41/8 70-5A5/161/8T68-4B1/41/4 70-5B5/161/4 are screwed together causing the T68-4C1/43/8 70-6A3/81/8T68-5B5/161/4 70-6B3/81/4 compression sleeve to squeeze T68-6B3/81/4 70-6C3/83/8T68-6C3/83/8 70-6D3/81/2 tightly against them, as well as T68-6D3/81/2 70-6E3/83/4T68-8D1/21/2 70-8B1/21/4 the adjoining tube. This causes a T68-10D5/81/2 70-8C1/23/870-8D1/21/2 compressed or compression type THESE COMPRESSION FITTINGS ARE DRILLED70-10D5/81/2THROUGH TO ALLOW THE TUBE TO PASS THROUGH70-12E3/43/4 watertight connection.THE FITTING INTO THE CONTAINER.11'