b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS AND RISERSSERVI-SERT (ALL-FLEX LP GAS RISER)Our fully approved Servi-Sert All-Flex riser kits are available in 84 lengths forrst-stage regulator tank side and 36 lengths for second-stage regulator house side. Sold in kit form, as required by NFPA-58, these risers feature pull-out proof, third-party design certi ed Servi-Sert service heads, and PVC sunlight resistant coated steelex that meets crush strength requirements. They are lined with a plastic centering device that provides an annular insulation air space, and a moisture seal permanently af xed to the end of the riser provides moisture, corrosion and shear control.FLEXIBLE ANODELESS Servi-Sert - Field Assembled All-Flex Risers(With liners and swivel connector/union)SDR /OVERALLPART No.OUTLETINLETWallLENGTHPF-713531/2 IPS1/2 CTS.09084 PF-713541/2 IPS1/2 CTS.09036PF-714103/4 IPS3/4 IPSSDR 1136PF-714113/4 IPS3/4 IPSSDR 1160 PF-71412 3/4 IPS3/4 IPSSDR 1184ANODELESS SERVI-SERT FIELD-ASSEMBLED RISERS (with liners)*The Perfection Servi-Sert Riser gives permanent security in a top connected anodeless riser suitable for both new construction and insertion renewals. The one-piece Servi-Sert Fitting contains components whichgrip permanently and seal independently of each other. The Servi-Sert Riser is available inexible and pre-bent styles to meet any application requirements. All it takes for permanent leakproof connection is insertion of the PE gas tube to the proper stab depth, according to our printed instructions, and a simple turn of a wrench. No more worries about proper torque requirements for temperature and plastic pipe density variations. Our unique metal- ex joint protects against separations. Simply chamfer, mark and stab in the pipe, turn the wrench, and forget it.No ordinary top-connected riser can match Servi-Sert for safety and ease of installation.Meets or exceedsall applicable ASTM, ANSI, and D.O.T. requirements (ASTM D 2513, ANSI B1.20, ANSI B31.8, and D.O.T. 192.)STUB-FLEX W/ LINERS (Centering Sleeves)PART No.OUTLETINLETSDR/WallNIPPLEFLEX PF-717311 IPS1 IPSSDR 111836* Comply with NFPA-58, (Check Local Jurisdictions) and CAN/CGA-B149GALVANIZED RISER with SERVICE HEAD ADAPTERFast and easy installation with no special tools. Used in after meter applications (pool heaters and auxiliary buildings). Meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D-2513 category 1, ANSI B 1.20, ANSI B 31.8, US DOT part 192 and CSA B137.4SDR/Vertical / GALVANIZEDSERVICE HEADPART No.OUTLETINLETWALLHorizontalCASING ADAPTER(Included) (Included)PF-74059.099/.10324 V X 31 HCasing OnlyPF-711511 NPT1-1/4 FPTAdapter Only227'